The Gog & Magog
Southside St Plymouth

Im a APPALLED by the treatment and customer service standard in this establishment. I made a complaint about chips served with two main meals …. they were over cooked/dry and re-heated. I mentioned this to a team leader to have another member of staff turn and say “yeah mate they are quite w**k today” (shocked much?!) then ordered two deserts only to find a forgien body in my fudge cake. I then told a female member off staff who was going to issue a refund. As i was stood near the bar i heard the Team Leader member of staff say to the female member of staff i’d “proberbly put it in there myself” … IM FUMING! the only reason i didnt kick up a stink/fuss is a) i will not embarress myself or others in my party by lowering myself to such standards of behaviour (we had children with us also) and i was that shocked at what he had the CHEEK to say i was lost for words!
Is this the standard of staff you employ? TEAM LEADERS speaking and talking to customers in such a way?? i will will seriously reconsider using weatherspoons in future as i find your staff and level of customer service DISCUSTING.
And as for your staff “promoting your business” I’d have serious words with your “team leaders” in your establishments who use the phrase ” Have you seen the name above the door? this is a weatherspoons love, cheap and cheerful … you get what you pay for, mainly sh*t” …. EXCELLENT way to bring in custom! 10 out of 10 weatherspoons you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!