Recently I bought an item online from Argos & received a £5 off voucher, then within the validity period went to a store to purchase a phone which could not be bought online. At the till I submitted the voucher only to be told I could not use it instore as it was an online one, it was explained to me (ref. terms & conditions) there were 2 different vouchers one in store, one online! even though my interpretation of terms & conditions that seem to me as a lay person, not a consumer lawyer! that these voucher’s could be used either in store or online regardless of where the qualifying item was bought.

This very clever marketing practice made me very angry, angry enough to call argos complaints (customer resolution dept) who after my explaining, conceeded by offering me a £5 gift voucher because of the situation, that it was impossible to buy the item, a phone, online and use the voucher. Shame they did not offer to pay my travel expenses of a wasted trip or two!

Why oh why do stores have to come up with these anomomolous vouchers? I am sure the customer being let down like me at the till will remember the store for its stupidity in not wavering or honouring my voucher in the circumstances and for what i see as a “two faced voucher offer”.

I wish others to know of my bad experience to clarify these vouchers use!

The staff at the Argos shop Havant were excellent in my experience, the “people at the Argos helm” should take note of my experience and be more fair & square about voucher’s with customers in future. I also have no problem with their good prices on certain items.

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miss baxter July 1, 2010 at 2:16 pm

i am very disgusted with the speed of one of your driver reg no hx04 yvh , van no. on back 3493L, he was driving at an enormous speed up stanhope st , audenshaw, manchester, m34 it is an estate with children playing he was going that fast he went over the speed bumps bouncing with a loud bang


janet heather September 28, 2011 at 3:22 pm

l visited your argos store at bentley bridge 3 weeks ago to order a bow set of cut wedding rings the assistant said she had to order them on the system it will be 7 to 14 days to deliver left it at that,went in today because it had been 3 weeks and nobody had notified me and was told that the assistant had ordererd the rings the wrong way,l went in last week to ask about them another assistant said she will look into and give me a ring no phone call l get married in 2 weeks time and apparently the suppliers are on holiday untill the 3rd of october now l have to look to find some somewhere else because you cant guaratee me of them being here on time for my wedding l am very dissapointed with the way that you dont follow up on your phone calls if you’d have phoned last week l could have had another week to sort rings out


aaron January 3, 2012 at 12:43 am

Argos offers great customer service I have never been to a store which offers this amount of great treatment to customers thank you so much and I am sure to shop here again 🙂


DISGUSTING SERVICE January 3, 2012 at 8:31 pm

After shopping with you once again I have only been left frustrated and dissapointed. After numerous occasions shopping with you I have once again come back to spend more money with your company. I originally encounted a first issue with you back in 2008.
I purchased a fridge and washing machine for the value of around £400. My items where delayed by almost 3 months I kept calling for help and updates but had no repsonse. I eventually had to go into the store, (Bolton Higher Bridge Street). I had to go in on numerous occasions as the manager was “TOO BUSY” to speak to me. Ater finally speaking to a store assisant manager, she advised me it must be an issue with my bank and they must be with holding the funds. So I went into my bank and they check funds and they explained they have no authority to with hold funds. I then went back into your store and she said if it hasnt gone in again by the end of the month come back. So after numerous back and forth trips I had finally had enough and went back into the store.
Again the manager was too busy in meetings to see me so I waited for an hour and he finally came outside and was far from helpfull. I explained all the stress and frustration dealing with my order, bareing in mind this was all occuring while I was moving into my new house which isnt the best time for £400 to go missing. I had to finally demand that I would not leave the store until I got my money back. So after almost 4months I finally got my money back in cash from the Bolton store.
I then didnt shop with Argos for quite a few months until near christmas where I thought I’d give Argos another chance and buy some christmas gifts. I again spent over £100 on an electrical item for my little girl only to be disappointed when it broke in 3weeks and I was told I couldnt return it. I rang customer service got reference numbers and still to this day I have the broken item which I bought in 2009. And still I have since come back to buy dvd’s and other furniture products from you again investing more money into your company.
Finally I have since bought a bed @ £200 for my little girl which arrived fine delivery was quick and easy (but there is slight black marks on one of the side boards of the bed which after everything else is the least of my concerns). I recieved a £10 voucher as it stated £10 back for every £100 spent in a one week only offer. So I collected my voucher and noticed it was only avaliable for products ordered online. So I tried to order a WII Art pad for £59.99 to use my voucher. This wasnt avaliable for home delivery so I reserved instore. This means I couldnt use the voucher so had to pay the full £60. I was obviously annoyed by this as after spending £260 I havent recieved anything off. So again today I have tried to use the voucher to buy online and AGAIN “SORRY THIS IS NOT AVALIABLE FOR HOME DELIVERY” So again I would loose out on the voucher because for some stupid reason you cant buy online and have it delivered to the store. So basically I have to keep searching for something to buy to use my voucher which I then have to pay £5.95 to have delivered so in the end I will have spent £330 just to get a pathetic £4.05 off!!!! Not including the amount of money I have spent on travelling back and forth to your stores the phone calls I have made ect.
But the complaint gets worse as when I try to contact your so called CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM (03/01/2012 @ 18:39pm) I am again utterly APPAULED at the minimum level of service in which I recieved.
I spoke to one girl who was by no means to say the least as thick as pig shit she had no actual knowledge and nothing to say apart from repeating me and then saying sorry. I was then transfered to “someone who could help me” a girl called NICOLA WALLBANK in “order taking”. Needless to say she started off giving me a small bit of hope but was just another general “customer adviser” who couldnt do her job. She gave me long silences a bunch of repetitions, a few meaningless sorries and then she openly admitted and I quote “I cant help you I have nothing to say”. She then attempted to put me through to a manager I believe to be a GILLIAN TYGHE who couldnt even be bothered to come to the phone. She must have advised Nicola to put the order through wave the delivery charge and knock off £10 but I had already explained It cant be delivered to my home and you wont deliver it to the store so she still hadnt offered me a solution. She actually thought it was a good idea to give me ONE of the 3 for 2 items I had selected which is pointless as I would loose a FURTHER £30 on ordering the other items seperate paying for delivery or once again wasting my time travelling to a store. So basically after wasting another 15minutes of my time and money on Argos I still dont have a solution.
I have worked in retail,sales,managment,distrabution, administration and customer service for a number of years and I have never recieved or come across such a poor level of service as I have with Argos. I have shopped with and spent a very vast amount of money with you and it saddens me to say I will NOT shop with you again. But more to the point I will have nothing but bad feedback to give anyone who asks of my opinion of you. It only takes word of mouth and for one person to tell another of a terrible service for it to esculate to you loosing thousands of customers.
I currently work for a MASSIVE company who is actually in the process of joining work forces with yourself to do business but to think of the risk of damaging our exceptionally high reputation with the likely number of complaints people make through Argos is beyond thought.
I am still without any faith that my issues will be resolved and I will probably get no form of genuine apology. Which if be the case I will go to a family member who is very high in the chain of one of the biggest newspapers and also WHICH magazine and present to him a very interesting article to print which I am sure will be interesting to read by all your customers.


Anon January 16, 2012 at 10:31 pm

Good luck with that one Which mag!


Mr Scott Plant April 10, 2012 at 4:25 pm

Ordered beds & Wardrobe and units on 7th Feb 2012.It is now 10th April and after ive just come off the phone to a manager at Argos home direct who has informed me the Scandinavian wardrobe is still unavailable and they will phone me on the 5th May with an update.That will be 3 months for a and its still not a guarantee that it will be in.I am disgusted with This standard of service and wished now i had bought it elsewhere.All they keep saying its the suppliers fault well if that’s the case then dont sell the furniture !


anne duke June 20, 2012 at 12:14 pm

After buying a dog cage the vinyl type online we was told delivery within 7 days, This was for our jack russel to have her pups in in private after the 7 days came and went and then 9 days we ordered a puppy play pen which again could give the jack privacy but wev ordered this from amazon and within 2 days this was delivered the very next day our dog had her pups at 4am.Disheartened at the way argos had been my partner was put from pillar to post with wrong extensions and when he finally got through after a hour he was told it was on its way and the usual `sorry about that’ he then called and waited on the phone again 2 days later and asked where is it. Guess what its on its way, furious with this we then compiled a complaint to customer services who answered much the same, after emailing the e commerce team again, I got a phone call from them saying the order was not in stock with the supplier and that it is going to be by delivered by royal mail tomorrow, when I said I did not need it any more she said she went the extra mile by getting in touch with the supplier and if I did not want it refuse delivery or send it back. I thought going the extra mile always is the norm with clients we do in our company, we do the extra 100 miles if need be to get it right. I have just got anoher email from the same person confirming what she said, this is not good enough so they are getting blogged to death I want the md’s email I wil never buy another thing from argos and will tell all I know to buy it else where and I want compensating for their terrible customer service.


Kellie mcnulty January 19, 2013 at 12:50 am

So un happy with argos think its all full I took some baby monitors back with a recipe witch wasn’t even opened and I took them same day because they was the wrong ones an because they didn’t come in a bag they was in with the 8 digit code on they would not give me my money bk wasn’t cheap eaither 75 pound cash an told me they wouldn’t do anything this is so not fair stuff wasn’t helpfull at all was very arsey an I want something doing about it


DON EMMANUEL February 20, 2013 at 10:58 am

By being an ARGOS customer for number of years, I have to say , reluctantly though , its service is usaually below standard, not paticularly with the goods , but simply its staffs’ attitude towards the customers. If I am in charge of the company , I would provide the staff with necessary training to get on with its sales with politeness to its customers. For example, I was told by its agent over the phone ” not to teach him ” even when he could not spell or understand my surname ” EMMANUEL “. Let alone when I requested him to put a note on the computer for Argos delivery man which could help me of its safe delivery but was declined . Well , when it comes to local stores, I had generally experienced its staffs general problems with expalining things probably due to lack of updated knowledge of its products, that can sadly reflect their body language to put off the customer.


Mr E Villiers September 2, 2013 at 4:53 pm

I purchased a gazebo on line , I was very pleased with the service and product. However i was offered a discount on my next purchase from Argo, which I did not take up at this point. What I did not know and was not informed of, by accepting a discount off your next order, they submitted your details to a company called shoppers discount. Who started taking 10 pounds a month out of my bank account. I am disgusted with the company for the way they have misled there customers. I will certainly not shop there again and I will be taking action to recover the money taken .Argos have a lot to answer and would like to hear from them to explain how this could happen . I am a pensioner and I cannot afford to loose this amount of money . E. Villers


Anna September 11, 2013 at 8:25 pm

I am very disappointed about the service which I received on last Saturday by Zack in Argos storage in Slough Observatory.
I can believe how that rude person like Zack can worke there!
I never have that bad experience with any other staff! I am regular customer!And this time I didn’t like the product and I want to return to the storage. He refused and written on the bill by hand that he refused to change this!
I went to other Argos storage and the lady over there was happy to change!!! I hope head office is going to removed this man from his position soon!


Luke Atkinson January 30, 2014 at 1:38 pm

Yet again a let down argos has been 3 times now all on there home delivery , what a shambles all 3 occasions we was told a derlivery day 4 weeks after paying and low and behold on the day of derlivery no shows spoke to 7 to 8 managers all could not explain why I was not told derlivery not going to be here, any way after 4 more weeks and 10 phone calls later get items , we choose to use argos again on jan 4th 2014 order bed wardrobe s for daughters waited 3.5 weeks again after when they said would get here in 5-6 days , I was rang 1hour before they was surpposed to be here to tell me can’t deliver till another 3 weeks, Why why why do you still have a business because every one else would have crumbled if they treat customers like this , never again will I get anything from argos and told my family to do same as they could not organise a you know what in a brewery


roger beasley March 7, 2014 at 3:01 pm



JEREMY DAVIS May 6, 2014 at 5:14 pm

Argos agreed to send me a £30 compensation cheque as they did not deliver or get in touch with me on the delivery date they set. On phoning them about this matter they told me the cheque had been sent out and I would recieve it in the next few days. When the cheque did not arrive I rang them again, only to be told by a different person that the cheque had not been sent out. I have been given false information and had to wait ages on the phone to get through to people. I still have not recieved my cheque and it has been three weeks now.
I think I have been treated terribly and in my opinion Argos are certainly not a company to trust if things go wrong!


Nicola December 30, 2014 at 5:21 pm

I’m not happy with the service I got 2 day I went to Argos in Dalston i had no recipt but I pay on my card I had my proof one of girl got involved with girl who serve me telling I need my recipt to prove I brought my product telling her I can’t exchange when I had my proof telling me I brought it she made me feel like I’ve Nick the item ,service in there is disgusting I would rather not go in there but that’s my nears one to me


Elfyn Roberts May 3, 2015 at 5:46 pm

I recently bought a shower from Argos for about £180 and received a £10 voucher. On 2nd May I tried to purchase a door bell using the voucher as part purchase only to be told that the voucher had expired on 28th April the date being stamped on the back of the voucher which was so feint I had not previously seen it until the store assistant highlighted the same. If the quality of the stamped date had been more visible I would not have embarrassed myself. I know rules and conditions have to be applied with all offers but the time scale between my purchase and the redeemable date as previously described caused me some embarrsment with re store assistant in Felixstowe.
For that reason I shall not be shioping at ARgos or Hombase in the future.


Carole September 30, 2015 at 2:05 pm

I have been trying to speak to someone at Argos Bentley Bridge, Wolverhampton for the past hour on 0345 165 7873 I have rung on 3 different occasions and each time left it ringing out for over ten minutes. What is the point of putting a number on your website if no one answers the phone?


Allan Mcwilliam October 1, 2015 at 11:58 am

On 14th of September 2015 I ordered a computer chair priced at £159.99. On the same day I got a text message from Argos saying it’s expected deliver was 30 September 2015. Waited in all day on the 30th and no chair arrived. Decided to phone Argos the following day to clarify a delivery date / time. Assistant told us it was a supplier issue and it would not be available until the end of November! Cancelled the order and have decided I won’t trust Argos with anything they say or do in the future.


Barbara Davies October 5, 2015 at 5:13 pm

Do you ever answer phones on line it is disgraceful how long we have to wait on the line


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