Dear Sir,

I am writing to complain about the awful service and products I received from you recently. I purchased a new wardrobe on 4th August online at your website and was really happy because it specifically said on the website that you deliver at times to suit the customer, including Saturdays which is perfect as I work Monday to Friday from 8.30 – 5.30pm. When I had ordered it, I got a receipt (copy attached) saying that it would be delivered that Saturday 7th August which I was over the moon with. All it said was that someone would contact me beforehand giving me a specific timeslot for that day. However, somebody rang me on 6th August saying that the wardrobe hadn’t been despatched yet and wouldn’t be ready for Saturday so they would have to arrange another time for it to be delivered. I was disappointed with this but the woman on the phone said they would arrange a time which was suitable for me and would call me back.

I next got a note sent to me through the post saying that the new day it would be delivered would be Tuesday 10th August. I wasn’t happy about this as it was a workday, but luckily I had 1 days holiday left to take for the academic year and so took the 10th off to stay in for it to be delivered. The delivery men came in, each carrying a massive package (it was being delivered in 2 parts) which they could hardly lift. I’m not sure why they didn’t both carry one piece at a time together, as I’m sure this would have been a health and safety issue with the weight of the packages, but they proceeded to struggle with dragging the items through to my flat. I signed for the items and they left. Later on, I opened the packages and was absolutely horrified to find that each of the items inside were really badly damaged. The packages had obviously been dropped on one corner and therefore damaged each and every piece of wood needed to make the wardrobe. The only bits that had no damage were the 3 front doors. There was also a footprint on the outside of the package which showed me how much care these people took with the items. I phoned up the customer helpline and told them what had happened, they asked if I wanted a refund or wanted another one to be delivered. As I had already purchased the set of drawers that matched the wardrobe and put those up the night before, getting a refund wasn’t really an option. So I asked for it to be replaced. The man on the phone said he would have to arrange 2 visits, one for the damaged one to be collected, and another time for the new one to be delivered, which is absolutely ridiculous – why couldn’t they do this at the same time? I told the man on the phone my concerns about not being able to take any more time off work and that they would have to collect and deliver on a Saturday or after work. He said someone would phone me and that if it wasn’t a suitable time I could change it. He then asked if I would like to complete a customer satisfaction survey, which I thought was a totally inappropriate time to ask this, as he could tell that I was highly disappointed and frustrated with Asda Direct in general at this point.

A few days later I got another phone call from a very rude girl at the despatch/warehouse place saying it would be collected in the middle of the day on a weekday. Again, I had to tell her that this was impossible as I now had no more days I could take off work, and would need it to be a Saturday. She told me that they never do Saturday deliveries. I told her that they certainly do have Saturday deliveries because that’s the day they were originally going to deliver on (as mentioned above). She was very rude and said that they only did Saturdays occasionally. I asked to speak to her supervisor and he, although a lot nicer, still told me the same thing as she had. He said that there must be some sort of mix up between them and Asda Direct, as they never do Saturday deliveries. I just could not believe what I was hearing. The only reason I went with Asda Direct was because you would deliver on Saturdays, and I have proof that you were going to originally do this. It was only because the item wasn’t ready that it didn’t come on that Saturday. He told me he would let Asda Direct know the situation and you would get back to me. Nobody ever got back to me.

I could not see how this was going to be resolved, as you were saying that the only time it could be collected and delivered was in the day in the week and I would need to take 2 days off work, which I just simply couldn’t do. In the end me and my partner looked at the damage again and decided that as most of the damage was on the back corners or side corners we would put the wardrobe up anyway and keep it, as it seemed like otherwise it would be a lot more hassle than it was worth. We were not at all happy with this solution but it was the only thing we could do. I called the customer helpline again and told them this is what I would do. They said this was fine and they would cancel the collection and delivery. I had been refunded the £18 delivery charge, but I had spent over £348 altogether on the wardrobe and drawers in your store and the simple fact is that they should not have been damaged. I do not feel at this stage that I will ever be able to shop from Asda Direct again, and will let everyone I know, friends, family, and colleagues, the trouble I had with it, as it was the most awful experience. I didn’t have so much trouble with the actual people who worked at Asda Direct, but mainly with the delivery people and the despatch/warehouse people who ‘sorted out delivery times’ and delivered the items. I understand that these are probably separate companies that you just work alongside, but at the end of the day you are the company that I paid to deliver my items to me and anything that goes wrong automatically is then associated with yourselves, as you can imagine.

Weeks after cancelling the collection and delivery I am still getting phone calls saying my item is going to be delivered on certain days!! I have had to tell them twice that I am not waiting for anything else to be delivered as everything was cancelled. The way the whole process works seems to be a complete shambles and there is evidently no communication between the various units.

Please get back to me with some sort of assurance that the delivery/despatch companies that you use will be looked into, and made sure they are following procedures as to the way they handle goods, because quite clearly they took no care with my items that cost a lot of money and now I have to live with these damaged items. Secondly, I would like to know why there was confusion about Saturday deliveries. You can clearly see that my item was originally to be delivered on a Saturday, and the girl I spoke to on the phone even let it slip that sometimes they do deliver on Saturdays but then the supervisor reverted back to saying that they never do. This was one of the most frustrating things for me, as from a customer service point of view I was getting mixed messages and no one was being helpful or truthful at all. Thirdly I would like you to consider some sort of compensation for the amount I paid for these wardrobes compared to the damage that was done, as the £18 delivery charge does not seem sufficient to me at all.

Yours Sincerely

Miss Joanna Dickie