I am writing to tell you about my disappointment and frustration with my Asda delivery this week. I have never experienced this before while shopping online, but I do feel the customer service I received over the last couple of days was poor.

My order was delivered with all the chilled items missing. This was after the van driver got lost on the way and then almost left all my bakery items on the van, only realising at the last minute his mistake. I phoned the Customer Service Centre straight away. The telephone operator called the store (the Rotherham store) and spoke to Kirsty, who said the items would have to be delivered to me the following day as she could not get in contact with the driver because he didn’t have a phone with him. I knew he did have a phone because he had already called me to say he was lost on his way to make my delivery! The operator went back to Kirsty and then told me that the driver was new and she couldn’t contact him until he was back at the depo. Needless to say I felt I was being fobbed off!

The operator assured me the Rotherham store would call me to arrange a time to deliver my missing items the next day. I never received a call and my items were not delivered to me. The day after this I called the Customer Service Centre again to tell them I still hadn’t received my items or been called back. The operator again called the store, but this time she came back to me and told me the store could not now deliver these items to me and she would refund them on my account.

This outcome was not agreeable to me at all and I was not offered any explanation as to why the items would not be delivered to me as promised.

I walked to my nearest Sainsburys and bought the items there instead.

I appreciate that mistakes are sometimes made, but the communication in this matter was very poor. I was clearly not kept in the picture and I do feel that the store were giving me excuses while making no effort to sort out the problem for me. It seems to me that it was simply much easier for them to refund my items than attempt to get them to me.