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Not much left

Hi, I have just returned home after eating out at the Harvester (Sarn branch) with my Fiance. We were only made to wait for about 15 minutes before being seated, which was a fairly good start. I will say the boy on the front stand was very efficient and also pleasent. However things quickly changed when after ordering our main courses of 2 x roast chicken we were told that the Corn on the cob was all gone, and it was suggested that we had peas instead. We both agreed willingly but when the food turned up, there were...

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Cancelled Cruise then Who Cares Attitude !

After organising a nice cruise holiday for my two eldest Grandaughters and daughter, a special Christmas present for the two girls,my daughter was coming along to help supervise the two teenagers. We were informed that the cruise was cancelled due to mechanical problems. This was after I had paid a substantial deposit, which they had held on to for quite some time, and paid for flights for all four of us up to Auckland from Wellington and back after we had been on our cruise., quite a bit of organising and time taken arranging for everyone to take time off work etc. I didn’t complain as sometimes these things happen and also they said we could get a discount off our next cruise if we booked before March 2011. The discount is $541 for two and $153.00 for two, we were all paying adult fares, again I was paying. Now that we have found a cruise that the two girls can go on, I have a problem because the daughter that was originally going has said her sister can go instead, nice of her, but the cruise won’t let us have the $541 discount because its not in her name, what I can’t understand as its me who had paid for everything so why isn’t it me that gets the decision as to who I take and still get...

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Monday club 31.1.2011

Lord keeper of the greay seal Oadby Leicester Why is it for the past several Mondays you have no Abbot so we have to have Guest beers but they are the normal price So whats the point in having a Monday cub Seems to me you do this so you can get rid of the beers what have not sold so...

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Food Poisoning

Dear Sir/Madame, I wish to inform you that I contracted food poisoning from a fish finger bought at your store. I purchased your item on Saturday March 14th and consumed it that night. It made me severely ill for several days. Yours Faithfully Osborn Outhouse...

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Misled by Tesco Mobile

In November 2010 I purchased a SIM only contract from Tesco. Yes the one they are still promoting which covers calls, texts & internet access. What no one tells you is that this SIM card does not permit access on one of the most popular handsets on sael – the Blackberry 8520. I have compalined to the store & on line – I have spoken to numerous ‘technical staff’ who have been unable to find a solution. I am now told that I need to download opera min but Tesco will not advise me how to do this! It...

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