To whom in may concern,
As a regular customer of Argos I was very disappointed about the fact I had to wait eight weeks for my delivery of a Malibu 3 Drawer 2+2 wardrobe. This is not good enough and was very angry that I had to wait for so long, because of this it delayed the rest of the work that had to be done in one of the bed rooms. When the wardrobe did arrive I had to order another two due to them both being scratched. I am still waiting for yet another door to fit the wardrobe as you, Argos, have not been bothered to check for damage. This is the third door I have ordered. I am very upset and angry about the fact I have had to wait so long for my delivery and they have been in bad conditions. I regret to inform that if another incident happens like this again I will no longer be a member of Argos and will go elsewhere for my furniture. I hope that you take my complaint very seriously and think about your actions.

Kind regards
Mr dave Kilbourne