Im a 17 year old girl who is fed UP of life, i feel like i cant moan to other people, so this letter, as well a complaint, is a long arse moan.
I am doing my second year of a levels at school and am not the most naturally clever person so i do have to work hard… My mum doesnt have enough money to give me, well, anything, so i recently got a part time job at b&q.
I work 20 hours a week, two 4 hour shifts a week and 6 hours each weekend day. i am EXHAUSTED.
i go to school 25 hours a week as well as a hefty amount of school work and coursework and exams.
Its now january and i have had three exams, still working my twenty hour week. I booked this weekend off as i started work in b&q and have been looking farward to it, and been so excited for weeks, finally a chance to relax without exams for a weekend. But no, my boss tells me TODAY that i have to work. i am furious. i begged him to let me have it off but he refused.
moreover, i also booked off two weeks of my week day shifts as in a month i have a play to do for my exam. He also tells me today, i cant have two of the shifts off. one of which, is the evening of my EXAM. i dont know what to do. i am so exhausted, i have yet more deadlines and exams coming but i desperatly need this money to survive

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John 27 January, 2011 at 1:43 am

Is there another manager to talk to? Surely it doesnt look good for them making it hard for part time workers to further their education.


Christopher Marson 18 March, 2011 at 9:26 pm


I’m sure you have now resolved your complaint with B&Q but I just wanted to say I feel for you and hope you are ok.

The problem with have here is little people like your manager eats, sleeps and lives B&Q, this is his life, this is more than likely the only thing he has ever done and odds on, will do it as long as they will have him. You on the other hand have your whole life ahead of you and this rather crappy job is only a passing job and although jobs in this day and age are important I really wouldn’t take it that seriously. (or your manager for that matter) Your exams are far FAR more important and if it means telling him you will be having the time off to ensure you complete your exams for the sake of a good mark I say do it. If you work hard now you will get a much better job than your manager could ever dream of.

I wish you well with your studies and remember.. if you are a door mat, people will wipe their feet on you!

Take care

Chris xoxo


ELIZABETH GRIFFIN 15 October, 2013 at 7:45 pm

My husband and myself went to b&q today for storage boxes but when we got them home the floor was broken. I phoned the store and was told to bring the broken part back and they would replace it. So this is what we did, but when I showed up at the store, a duty manager said that it wasn’t broken and that’s how it was meant to be.(not pleasant the way I was spoken to)She argued with me and was quite unpleasant, saying to bring the instructions in and she would prove how right she was. When I got home and checked them, she was so wrong and now I have to make another trip of 35 miles again to get the part replaced. Being pensioners, this is an expense we can ill afford. I also noticed that if you spend over £50 its free delivery, guess what, they wanted to charge us £20 even though we’d spent £170 whats going on there? finally the young man on the till Lewis was really nice as was Wendy, perhaps they can teach Gill how to be nice to customers !


tom 4 November, 2013 at 11:14 am

I agree with everything you are saying here
We spent a fair amount of money in B&Q and was very disapointed too in the way some assistants spoke to you and can be very rude,some are ok that is when you can find someone of coarse.
We bought a upvc front door along with other items and was told we could get free del but am waiting a week! Plus we could not order the door we wanted because it needed to be ordered and would take 6 weeks for delivery so sod that service
We even asked if we could take what we can manage to take and have the rest delivered they said sorry we cant!!!!!! What a crap service from B&Q!!!!!!!


Norman Flynn 7 December, 2013 at 5:40 pm

I ordered a gas fire 2012 from Poole Dept which we were told it would be in store with in 3weeks 8 weeks later no 1 has been in touch so I decided pop to the store to be told there is no fire as the company that
Supplies the fires have gone bust ??? So after some debate I go my money back Last weekend 31/11/13
My wife had seen a electric fire and surround which was on offer I did say to my wife are you sure after
Last time so we give them anther chance so my wife ordered on line which was a 7 day delivery so we thought great just for Christmas Wednesday 7/12/13 we were told to ring a number for delivery and were
Told the only delivery would be 3/1/14 ?? So much for the 7 days I think now BQ should start getting there act together as I don’t think I will be paying them a visit very soon ???


Michelle Rowland 14 January, 2014 at 5:50 am

Recently spent over £300 on paint from b and q. The paint was mixed, where by they remove lids from tins and put back on…usually reinforced with clips to avoid spillage. Well with my paint they didn’t put clips on, didn’t even place tins in carrier bags for me after spending a considerable amount of money.
Well I guess you know what’s coming next…the tins toppled over in the boot of my car, the lid from one tin came off, five litres of the stuff everywhere! Bear in mind these dulux paint lids usually need the force of a screwdriver to get them off! Quite clearly this lid was not replaced correctly!
Panic stricken I rang b and q to ask if they could help in anyway. A very rude and aggressive manager told me completely my fault, once I leave the store it’s my responsibility. Not so much as a good will gesture to replace the tin of paint. Despite the fact they broke the seal and didn’t secure the lid correctly.
I won’t be going to b and q ever again and I will make sure myself, friends and family members shall always use Homebase in future.pffftttt! Rant over.


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