It is with regret I write this letter of compliant as I have never had to complain about any public service ever! I was gravely disappointed by a stagecoach bus driver this morning costing me £25 pounds in taxi fair and being late for work, which could have been easily avoided!

Due to multiple complaints, groans and often embarrassment from bus drivers when I try to pay for my ticket without having the correct fair this morning I thought i’d try to be considerate. I realised I only had £10 notes in my wallet and my fair was £3.50. Therefore, as the bus was not due to leave for more than 5 mins I told the bus driver id run to the shop in the station to break the tenner. As I didnt need anything I just bought a bottle of water, I was the only person and must have been back to the bus stop in under 2 minutes. As I walked back I seen the bus was still parked up, it was only when I was about 10/15 feet from the bus the driver clearly seeing me closed the door and then started to reverse the bus! Standing right in front of the 07.55 am X27 bus (direct to my work in 20 minutes) I gestured to the driver and he just gestured his head towards the other bus, X26 to Kirkcaldy, (over an hour to my work … I would be late and my plave of business would be unable to open as a result). Shocked I watched as the driver reversed back on the foreway and had to just sit behind several buses within sight anyways. Embarrassed I didnt want to have to chase the bus out onto the middle of the bus station, after the driver had clearly seen me and driven off 4 mintes early according to both my watch and screens in the bus station!!

When I enquired with staff in the bus station how I could make a complaint I was informed blankly ‘that’s nothing to do with us’ with absolutely no concern with which I wished to complain about, what had caused me disatisfaction.

Consequently, in order to ensure I could make my work on time i was left with no option than to pay £25 so the large pharmacy store I work within could open! Can I please point out I full appreciate bus drivers have a strict obligation to seek to stick within their schedule and as such cannot leave a bus station late where possible however the bus left prior to schedule and he genuinely appeared to gain satisfaction in reversing off leaving me standing at the bus stop. He reversed to join a queue of buses and sit in the middle of the bus station!