To the owner of the place,

new years eve i found out i have diabetes. you think thats bad? last night i took out my mum for a meal for her birthday to your restaurant. wow looking at the menu made my stomach rumble so much until i realised im limited on what food i can eat. so i had a chicken breast salad. Yes I admit it was nice. Not very fresh though. Anyways my point of writing this to you is that after food i thought id have some dessert, but of course no dessert was suitable for me. ice cream = too much sugar, treacle sponge and pudding = too much sugar, and the list goes on as you can imagine. I mean what is this world coming to? Don’t you people consider us diabetics at all? i mean thousands of people are getting diagnosed with diabetes more and more every single day so i would have thought people like yourself would consider us right? i mean is it really to much to ask for? There wasnt even a fruit cocktail on the menu. Not only would that be suitable for us diabetics but the government is also trying to encourage healthy eating. Ice cream and puddings are not a healthy option. going for a meal used to be nice for me as im a full time carer, but its not enjoyable any more and im sure alot more people agree with me on that. I suggest you review your menu and make changes as you have now lost me as a customer.

Your sincerely,
Claire powell.