Dear ‘3’ Customer Services

RE: Contract Disconnection

Recently, I sent a letter to you requesting the disconnection of a mobile phone contract (and handset), which ‘Mobiles Direct’ had sold to me under false pretenses, and were refusing to let me decline. In this letter, I asked for confirmation via post or email regarding how to proceed and what was going to happen.

In response to my letter, a ‘3’ customer service representative called me; I asked to be contacted via written correspondence, and was told it would not be a problem.

A few days later, another representative called, who insisted that it was impossible to contact me via written methods, refused to do so, and ignored my requests to refer me to somebody who would. With no other option, I agreed to proceed over the phone. Please find below a summary of the information I was given once I had answered his lengthy security questions:

1. An addressed bag would be sent to me within five working days. I would need to put the ‘3’ phone and box into the bag, seal it, and send it back within five days of receiving the bag.
2. Once ‘3’ received the bag containing the phone, my contract would be cancelled, and all outstanding balances cleared.
3. Ignore any forthcoming bills, clearing the account would be in process.
4. I would not be contacted again.

As agreed, the bag arrived two days later. I put the phone in, sealed it, and returned it to Royal Mail. As advised in the letter accompanying the bag, I noted the bag’s reference number, and retained a Certificate of Posting.

Unfortunately, since sending the phone back, I have received several ‘3’ bills. I am becoming increasingly concerned that the contract has not been disconnected, and that the balance has not been cleared, as promised. I would like to request that this is done immediately, and note that this type of situation is exactly why I wanted written confirmation of what was going to happen in the first place. I am not happy that this was refused, and I am even less happy that I am being chased for money that I do not owe, for a phone I am not, and have never used.

I have been forced to give up hope that you are still dealing with the closing of my account, as my poor voicemail has taken many messages from ATD, whom I expect are working on your behalf. I would like to request that this company is called off immediately, as their action is completely unjustified; I was told to ignore forthcoming bills, and told that the entire balance would be cleared.

If you need to contact me in order to deal with these issues, please do so via my postal, or email address.

Many thanks.