I often buy my fruit from Petts Hill branch I went this evening around 7.45pm.as soon as I went into the branch and just picked up the basket, before I even got up to fruit isles , one of the assistant followed me and said that you cannot put your fruit in the basket until we reduction is done @8pm, he was very rude.
I am fully aware of that reductions are done 8pm and moreover I was not going to buy any fruit today. I just went to buy juices. And cake
The assistant said manager ( Anothnity) ask him to tell me. I was really shocked. If this is how staff is trained to speak and treat customers without knowing the facts I am very sorry staff should be fully trained before they deal with public, just going into the store does not mean that I was going to put reduction stuff in my basket before reduction.

Not only the manager but all other staff members are very rude . They never say please and thank you
If you ask them for some thing they speak very rudely ,

Makes me wonder why M&S not doing well with the sales and other are doing better, it is no good having good food nicely packed on the shelves , when staff has no maners to speak to the customer

Please please invest into your staff and give better customer care training before you send them to deal with public,

I felt very insulted and annoyed how could he made that comment before observing I am putting inmy basket.

I would like to have full expiation . Thanks