It really annoys me to hear people tell the world they have OCD – they have to make sure all lights are switched off before leaving the house. Or they can’t sit still if they can see a cobweb hanging from the ceiling. That is not OCD it’s just being diligent. To me OCD is a life changing ordeal. Its about rituals and routines – thinking and re-thinking countless times what clothes I will be wearing tomorrow if I can ever leave the house after checking and re-checking that I have picked up every tiny crumb from the floor. It’s a totally humiliating, embarrassing and frustrating scenario that I am still not 100% about telling people. It makes you irrational – it’s not something you can laugh about whilst having a quick pint down the pub. To get to the pub is a mission in itself – re-tracing my steps from bedroom to kitchen in case i’ve dropped anything along the way – or even made a mess on the re-tracing activity.

Thank you to all those celebrities who wish to share their experiences – although i’m not convinced they share the same feelings of shame as I do when trying to tell close friends that I need to blink 20 times before I speak. However, if the likes of famous football players can make OCD look cool, then it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe highlighting these issues can alleviate the social stigma surrounding mental health.