My family and i go to liverpool every summer for a few days. we always go into wetherspoons for somethng to eat and never have had a problem getting served but last week on sunday 22nd of August at roughly 8/8:30pm while i was there i was unfairly treated by staff. I had friends which i havent seen in 16 years come up all the way from manchester to meet us for the day and i decided to take them to wetherspoons for dinner. There was 6 adults and 1 child (aged 14) on approaching the counter i was told by a very rude female member of staff that i could not be served because of the child on the premises, (on entering the premises there was no sign to tell us that children were not allowed on the premises after 8pm). My elder daughter aged 19 then decided to take her younger sister to mcdonalds across the road i then approached the counter again to be served by another female member of staff only for her to be taken aside and told not to serve me, I asked why only to be told by the other female that it was because my child was on the premises. i then explained to her that she had gone to mcdonalds with her sister and it was now 5 adults on the premises only to be told that i still wouldnt be served as i had probably put my daughter outside to hang around while i ate and drank. As a father and a buisness man i have never and would never treat my children like that or treat a member of the public in that manner. i was very embarrased having to go back to the table and tell my friends we had to leave. It has never happened to me before, i feel i have been very badly treated by that member of staff.
i look forward to hearing back from you.

Yous sincerely,.

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