Payed £2,691 for a load of rubbish,the excuses they have given me for the things that have gone wrong with the suite I have is totally unbelievable.Do the people who are in charge of DFS brainwash their sales people to believe that every fault caused is caused by the customer[and don’t let them tell you other wise].I honestly don’t know how people can work for a firm like Dfs they have no customer care whatsoever.In my eyes they are totally dishonest.I wonder how many of their staff buy the rubbish suites they manufacture and if they do are they put through the same **** us mere mortals have to go through,to get our point across about the rubbish we have to pay for,They should be prosecuted for misleading people,my coplaint is now being looked into but I am not holding my breath for a happy outcome on my part I might as well have bought a cheap suite and at least I would’nt have to dwell on wasting hard earned money on rubbish.