I am a 27 year old man who suffers from Epilepsy, I enjoy going to my local Wetherspoons pub in Greenwich usually with my live-in Carer for a few relaxing pints and to meet up with friends.

In the past, I have had one seizure in this pub and no fuss was ever made by the staff as they apparently left my Carer to deal with the situation as he is obviously used to dealing with me when having a seizure.

On a recent visit, on my own, I was refused service by the staff as they said they will not serve me unless I was with my Carer?

I challenged them saying that it was ‘discrimination’ as I am a Epileptic.

They still would not serve me and added it was a case of ‘Health & Safety’ and I had to leave.

With this in mind, is it a ‘Health & Safety’ policy in all of Wetherspoon bars to refuse service to all wheelchair users, people suffering from depression, or any other ailment in the medical handbook?