I would like to complain about your security staff at Cardiff Gate store and the way they dealt with my mother. I’m not sure about the date, but in sure u can check with all your records……. se my mother, while going through the lose of her husband of 57yrs found herself paying for £50 odd worth of goods, while not realising she had the rest in her possession..,…and then at 73yrs of age being pulled inside… she said £30 worth, which she didn’t realise she had… how DARE your staff make an example of my mother because they didn’t have a result that day. I have only just been made aware of this situation, and you can be assured i will take it as far5 as i can. my mother was taken into your rooms for real lifters, and the police were phoned, she was told never to go to asdas again… u fools….. she will never step foot inside ine of your stores again as long as i live, nor willany off my friends, or their friends.. no wonder lidls is doing so well… u dig yourself into holes… my dad left my mum with plenty, it was a mistake… your mistake….. nite ASDA