Dear The X Factor,

I am writing to complain about your increasingly poor conduct this year, in providing an entertaining talent show. It seems that you have become too obsessed with attaining viewers using sob stories and have spent little time appealing to an audience who like music. The acts this year have been significantly worse than past years (maybe you reached a peak with Leona) and the over-produced, sexed-up version of the show that we’ve been subjected to is abysmal.

The “contestants” shown in the audition series are always the ones who have already got through to the final. I know that pre-recording shows will give this skewed editing but it doesn’t leave the audience much of a guessing game as to who to root for.

Another problem with the auditions is the live audience. ITV already have one talent show with a live audience and that seems to be enough. You have limited yourself to only those who are already comfortable performing in front of thousands. I realise that, if put through to the live rounds, they will have to face a crowd eventually but the audience themselves seem tone deaf and only interested in impressive dance routines and songs they recognise, rather than actual singing quality.

I also hear that the show is going across the pond. Did we not learn from Pop Idol? The show will be stretched out of all recognition and turned into another fail-factory as it has here. It is my opinion that producers should quit while they’re ahead.

Therefore, I am requesting that you either are cancelled following this series or up the game. The basic premise of the show is amazing but, for goodness’ sake get some talented artists and people might watch for the competition.

Annis Stead, Lancashire