I booked a flight with easyJet and PAID £7.50 for adding an extra suitcase, so I thought that was it, just like I do at Norwegian, where an extra suitcase also means extra 20 kilos. Makes sense? Not so for easyJet! At the point of booking, they do NOT make clear that you will have to pay extra extra = £11 per kilo in that suitcase. Imagine my shock when faced with a £209 bill at check-in, because lo and behold max weight allowance was still 20 kilos! Why book an extra suitcase if you don’t want to put something in? Their weird practice is, you will have to read through all the small print of their policy to find out this before you get your ticket. When complaining to easyJet customer service, they told me that there is a £10 per kilo fee for extra luggage, even if I paid £11/kilo, so this is confusing even for themselves. I find it all disgusting and will be back with Norwegian, for sure! Fellow travellers, beware!