Last night myself and a friend decided to have a few beers in the fareham wetherspoons and i’ve nether known rudeness like it. The middle age aged blondeish greyish woman behind the bar was shocking. She was obviously more interested in being rude than serving, we waited 25 mins to be served in a bar with 2 people waiting to be served before me. However it seemed we were invisible and she’d served anybody else that came up to the bar after us. When we eventually got acknowledged after 22 mins she said “i’ll deal with you two in a minute” i’ll never drink there again and i’m sure as a local publican myself, anybody i tell won’t either. I thought a little customer service would have been nice but the self obsessed rude barmaid/hag won’t be getting my money again!!! We said nothing on the night as it’s not worth talking to somebody like that