In 2010 i had my bag stolen and my tescos pay as you go phone taken.
I rang tescos and they surprisingly sent me a voucher for £100 to spend on a phone in tescos. Soon after that i was taken into hospital with cancer and have been in and out ever since. I tried to claim my voucher but it had run out of date by a day. I phoned tescos and informed them of my dilemma.
In 2010 they said we will send you a new voucher. I have waited patiently and phoned several times and promised a new voucher since. Probably 8 or 9 times. I desperately need my old number and a phone. I contacted CAD and they said to inform a local newspaper which i did. I had a date for them to have a photo of me outside tescos st neots with my 2 mcmillan nurses in my wheelchair. You know how the press like to rev it up. I had the date of the photo booked and i thought i would give tescos a last last chance so i rang them up and told them what the newspaper were going to do . They said i would have a voucher in the post tomorow morning. I cancelled the newspaper but went in hospital for an op and unfotunately had to stay in there for a while. In between times i am constantly harrased by the local paper to get the story. When they heard about the latest they said they were going to introduce a bigger rag. I emailed tescos giving them yet another chance. this i did a couple of days ago.
im not holding my breath. I dont want to make a big issue out of this but tescos have promised me 10 times now something and then let me down.
I am not only going to do the picture now i am going to enlist all my friends with an email to boycott tescos. My friends have all said they will drop me off outside where i can give leaflets to customers. I really feel a second class citizen. I have enough to worry about in life i really didnt need all of this for over a year.
I have given tescos a week to send the voucher. If they dont i will make it my mission to get my case as networked as possible. I will sit outside till i get enough people to listen. Lets face it, ive got plenty of time sitting here undergoing op after op. I will not let it go as 10 is not a mistake its total disregard for me, promising and letting me wait and wait.
Val st neots