The Manager or Whoever it may concern of The Harvester Restaurant (Sutton Coldfield branch)

I am writing with regards to the service I was given on December 23rd 2009 at your restaurant branch in Sutton Coldfield , Birmingham.

After deciding spontaneously to visit your establishment along with my family consisting of my mother and father we came to your restaurant to treat ourselves to a pre-festive meal (note the date) to take our minds of the stress of the past weeks with the run-up to our christmas celebrations and festivities alike.
We got off to an advantageous start having been seated quite quickly despite the busy time of evening (7.30pm) and received our drinks orders even quicker.
Yet after we had returned with our obligatory salads and after making our main course orders we had to wait almost 40 minutes whilst tables seated after us proceeded to get their meals much earlier. To add insult to injury, our table was seated adjacent to the bamboree and rotisserie where the food is stationed for pick up from one of your waiters/waitresses and to our annoyance saw our order of pasta , fish and a steak order left to dry out for a numerous amount of time and bypassed by our young waitress several times.

When she eventually preceeded to bring out our food my pasta dinner specifically was not only tepid but teh pasta had become of an inedible and rubbery consistency with an oily sauce no doubt thanks to it being left out in the open for what must have been about 15-20 minutes. I called our waitress over and politely explained that it was not satisfactory and asked if she could take it away and due to the fact time was getting on just ordered a side order of chips. She gave a surly look of indignation and proceeded to snatch my plate away and return with my side order of chips which were hard and fairly cold. Just wanting to leave the restaurant as soon as possible I ate the chips and my mother and father , whose meals incidentally were not exactly presentable commented on the waitress’s rude behaviour. We got our bill (after another ridiculous wait) to find that not only had she charged us for my poor excuse for a meal but also my chips at a very overpriced rate. My mother called the girl and todl her thus stating it was unfair to pay such prices. She gave anotehr surly look and explained it was policy and just walked away. We spoke to one of your supervisor’s complaining that maybe the girl’s agewas a factor and the festive hustle had soured her some , nevertheless her attitude and the food had been absolutely appalling. He very kindly gave us our dinner for free after agreeing the situation was most unreasonable.
I however in summary felt obligated to write this letter to stress that your staff should be better trained particularly the young girl in question on the importance of ettiquette and decency to paying customers who in fairness had been nothing but reasonable in a situation where they should have become very hostile.

I do hope you have taken these comments into consideration and will utilise the information well

Yours Sincerely

Miss L.Ford

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Ebby March 31, 2010 at 12:32 pm

What a funny and articulate email i,ve had a similar experience myself


julie hare December 29, 2010 at 7:04 pm

i went to the harvester in ashford middx (bull dog). i ordered chicken as my main and when received the chicken smelt like rotten meat. it was clearly off. when complaining the waitress was told all the chicken has been cooked on the same spit and they hadnt had other complaints. the waitress took my meal and i did not order again. however to make it even worse the chef then served chicken to another customer which was also off to be told it is the spices the you use! i have been a customer of harvest for many years and no the smell of rotten meat. the chef should not have continued to serve from the same spit! i have been violently sick all evening from this chicken. i would be grateful of your comments as i feel it to be totally out of order to serve rotten meat and carry on serving after a customer has complained.


mrs T Evans January 11, 2011 at 9:21 pm

Dear sir or whom it may concern, i would like to let you join in my experiance at a local harvester on 9 december 2011 styvechale coventry for what should have been a celebration of my grandaughters 1st birthday we arrived and where seated in a small area that should have sat 6 there where 8 of us plus the 2 children we had 1 high chair where we seated our 2yr old we orderd food and waited the 2yr old went to the bathroom with his mother and was knocked of his feet by a waitress who never aplogised but said she was working and if we allowed children to run then it is our fault we said nothing we didnt want to ruin the day my husband went to the bar to order the drinks 15 mins later our dinner arrivied my husband still at the bar i told him to come back eat dinner and asked waitress for drinks where i was told to wait as our waitrass not there she was makeing coffee out the back but i was not told as politely my daughter asked to talk to the manager who said she would come back after we had eaten i went to talk to the manager who half way through the conversation went to get paper and pen and had a talk to the waitress who had been rude to me i told her i would make a complant and was told there would be no point as it would come back to her i feel the service and the rudeness we recived of your staff was unacceptable mrs t evans


Dan March 31, 2012 at 8:39 am

Mrs. T. Evans,

I have to complain about your letter of complaint causing me a headache to read. Was the “period” key on your keyboard broken? I cannot one single period in your long diatribe. Actually I couldn’t find a proper place anywhere for a period. With your indulgence, may I submit this to the Guinness Book of Records for the “longest sentence found on the internet”?


norfolkNman February 9, 2015 at 12:32 am

I have to complain about your complaint regarding the original complaint. Your grammar is shit, i can only assume you were either drunk, drugged, or getting your pet poodle to type for you.
Do let me know what you were trying to say here
” I cannot one single period in your long diatribe.”
Troll fail 100%

Sue marucci January 12, 2011 at 8:59 pm

I pop into the harvester in Eastleigh today for a meal and l was very disappoint with the chips we had,it wasn’t very nice,it didn’t look good and it didn’t taste nice.l alway pop into my local harvester once a week and since they change they chips,l feel am not the only one who is complaint about the chips,could you please change back to your old chips.
Thank you for your time to read this.

Sue Marucci


Holly Pinder February 10, 2011 at 10:40 pm

Everyone please avoid North Weald harvester! Disgusting service and rude manager!
I phoned them last week about going on Saturday for my birthday. Wanted to book a table as there was 11 of us! Told me I couldn’t book a table but it definitely wouldn’t be a long wait as they open the upstairs on weekends. Was told the lo…ngest the wait would be is 20-30 minutes. So we trek the 30 miles on Saturday evening, when we get there at 8pm were told there is a 2 hour wait! Waitress wasn’t very polite and couldn’t care less. I went to the bar and luckily got served by a nice barman, I asked for a complaints address and phone number. He went off to get it. He came back and said manager said I couldn’t complain to head office and it would have to be direct to them. Bearing in mind he previously told me they have complaint forms. I asked to speak to the manager. After 10 minutes she finally came and repeated that I had to complain to her and not head office. I explained everything that happened and she wasn’t bothered and was actually rude to me. She finally told me she could give us a table in 45 minutes! I still requested the complaint address which they did finally give me after at least 20 minted of asking! I went to speak to my family and we decided we were willing to wait the supposable 45 minutes, however when my sister went to tell them they said it would be 2 hours at least even though they had told me 2 minutes previously it would be 45 minutes. Bearing in mind it was gone 8.30pm at this point even a child could work out that it would of then been at least 10.30pm by the time we was seated and they would of stopped serving food an hour before that. After they were rude again we decided to leave and find somewhere else to eat which would obviously be a problem at 8.45 on a Saturday night for 11 of us. This completely ruined my birthday and it had cost a lot of money and time for 11 of us to get there and they didn’t even apologise, just tried to stop me complaining to head office.
I was annoyed enough at that point but as I had previously had ok service at harvester restaurants I decided to go back with my in-laws for my birthday celebration with them. This time there was 7 of us. We arrived at the harvester at about 8.15 0pm last night. I asked for a table for 7 and was told it would be another 15 minutes as the table of 7 they had in would be leaving soon. So we went to the bar and had a drink. After half an hour I asked the same waitress who told me it would be very quick now. After another 10 minutes my father in law went to the bar and asked the barman! He came back 5 mins later and said it would be another 15-20 minutes. I looked at the table we was waiting for and surprise those customers were still eating dessert so there was no way they would of been finished 45 mins before that like we were told when we arrived there. After another 10 mins and the customers were still having desserts I found a table for six and asked the wAitress if we could have that table with an extra chair. She agreed and even stated she was going to ask us if we wanted that half an hour ago but just didn’t bother.
We ordered our food quickly as they would stop serving food soon. The starters came and at best I would call them edible. However after another 25 minutes or so our main course arrived and to be frankly honest i would say school dinners would look delightful if was sat next to our main courses.
We had a whole mix of different dinners but all looked far from nice.
My fiancee had fish and chips and his fish looked disgusting and was unedible the batter was so hard you couldn’t chew through it and the fish felt like rubber. All of our dinners cane with chips which were cold, chewy and also looked like rubber. It was obvious that our dinners had sat on the side under those lamps for a ling time as it wasn’t even warm. They were cold. Someone had salmon which they said was disgusting. They said it was ‘ok’ right in the middle but apart from that was terrible. My Bruce had a burger and had one bite and said she wouldn’t eat it as it was rock hard. Luckily I had spit roast chicken which was ok but shame it was cold and the chips were so bad. I told the waitress how bad the food was and she said ‘yes I can see how bad the fish and chips are just by looking’ when I said it must of been sitting on the side waiting she said, well it probably has but only for how long the other meals take to cook. At this point I had had enough. So we left still Hungary, wasted our time and money. Then to make matters even worse as I walked down the steps outside, u got to the bottom of the steps, and completely fell over onto both of my knees. There was hardly any light out there so I hadn’t seen the hole in the pavement at the bottom of the steps so I had two injured knees, a sore Anjou and cut hands where I had landed on them. I went unto the pub to wash my hands and check my knees. I made the bar man aware of what happened and hd asked if I wanted to fill in an accident form. He went off to get one but didn’t have any so wrote my details on a price of paper. He went out to see about the pavement which he called a ‘rut’. He apologised and said it was terrible. I then left as I was in a lot of pain. I ended up spending all night in the local A&E at hospital as I have injured knees and one ankle. I now have to go back to the hospital again in an hour to see a doctor!
To be honest I should never of gone back after saturday night when they ruined my birthday meal. I can’t believe I trusted them to go back for my 2nd birthday meal,
They have completely ruined my birthday and now I’m injured and I am getting married this year.
To be honest I’m still quite shocked and shaken and I am in utter disbelief.
Sure when I was injured the manager should of bothered to come and check I was ok. She couldn’t of cared less. Luckily they had the nice bar man who help me with my injuries but I think he was even shocked when he went to investigate. Also as I was leaving for the last time, there was a couple sitting at a table by the door who hadn’t eaten half of their Gammon dinners and were complaining how terrible it was.
Please just avoid this restaurant. Don’t let them ruin your time and health like they have mine.


MARK WATSON May 10, 2011 at 3:20 pm



DANNY THURBIN September 10, 2011 at 5:24 pm



DANNY THURBIN September 10, 2011 at 5:29 pm


Kim March 5, 2015 at 5:36 pm

Is she seriously for real?? I wonder if she got the compensation she so clearly wanted?


Josh February 23, 2011 at 7:35 pm

We were waiting for a table and the man said 30-45 mins ok we waited 45 mins and we waited another hour and we went up to the list and looked and saw we had been skipped! We took the menus and one kids menu and he said under tens only. we had a child of 10 and were furious. rubbish service!


Zoe Richardson February 23, 2011 at 10:02 pm

I was taking to the harvester in burseldon southampton for valentines day last week and have never experience such poor service in my life, we hadnt even finished starters and they brought the main meal out when the water went to give me mine ( i had ordered the bbq chicken with jacket potatoe) they gave me ribs and chips – i explained this to thewater he gave me a filthy look and walked off with it in his hands 2 mins later he was back with chips chicken and a tiny pot of bbq sauce when i said im sure this is meant to be cooked in sauce he stated have a nice meal and walked off!!!
The chicken was so dry on the outside i ended up drinking all my coke to keep me going but the more you dug in to it the pinker and raw it was so i left it when he came back he said did i not enjoy my meal when i explained it to him he just said oh well dessert? – no chance i was off out of their what a way to ruin valentines night out .
the next day i complained via email and had a responce stating some one will be in contact within 24 hrs what a surprice that was a week ago


choi li May 12, 2011 at 3:16 am

get rid of the boyfriend. He obviously is no use if he takes you to a harvester on valentines day.(or any day)


debbie March 23, 2011 at 11:57 am

wow how many experiences there are with such bad manners and food with the Harvester…. i am just about to write a letter of complaint aswell.
About 30 of us visited The Three Horseshoes harvester in Garston, Watford…. it was for my fathers wake, we had phoned previous to explain and was told they would section an area off, told us the price of food per head and that they could not book though, we had to phone up on the morning, which we said was a pain but we would do….. the manager was apsolutely useless was not able to block the area as he did not have the facilities (errm there are enough chairs to do the job), said that if someone was in the area then we would have to use another part of the bar….. we ended up having to back up and plan to go to my mothers house after which would mean after the funeral to go to Tescos and buy loads of food and drink….. such a nice way to send my Dad off!!!!
We ended up going to the Harvester as we had someone go a little earlier before we arrived to see if it was busy, it was not too bad so went ahead….. The staff behind the bar were new, so were slow and not knowing what to do, cannot blame them as i have been in that situation. But the Manager Chris was rude, arrogant, very unhelpful and it was not a pleasent experience….. something that none of us needed after we had just said bye to my father. Then they had the cheak to over price us with the food. they have left my mum feeling guilty that people had to pay for thier drinks as she wanted them put on a tab…..
Will not go again!!!! Wish me luck with my letter!!!


chris bartlett April 24, 2011 at 2:08 am

Very disapointed with the plater combo thought it was a bit pricey and the amount was very small, I personelly would expect to be pretty full after eating a meal that cost a tenner!


stuwart May 27, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Dear sir or whom it may concern, i would like to let you join in my experiance at a local harvester the JOLLY BADGER EDGWERE
we arrived and where seated in a small area that should have sat 6 there where 8 of us plus the 2 children we had 1 high chair where we seated our 2yr old we orderd food and waited the 2yr old went to the bathroom with his mother and was knocked of his feet by a waitress who never aplogised but said she was working and if we allowed children to run then it is our fault we said nothing we didnt want to ruin the day my husband went to the bar to order the drinks 15 mins later our dinner arrivied my husband still at the bar i told him to come back eat dinner and asked waitress with name on the badge alison] for drinks where i was told to wait as our waitress not there she was makeing coffee out the back but i was not told as politely my daughter asked to talk to the manager who said she would come back after we had eaten i went to talk to the manager who half way through the conversation went to get paper and pen and had a talk to the waitress who had been rude to me i told her i would make a complant and was told there would be no point as it would come back to her i feel the service and the rudeness we recived of the staff was unacceptable and very arrogant general manager


Adrian June 28, 2011 at 5:38 pm


I recently visited the Harvester on London Road Middlesex while down near Heathrow on business and had the worse experience I have ever had in a meal place. We arrived just after 9pm and was shown to a seat at about 9:20pm. Our order was taken at about 9:30pm. We ordered 2 chicken fillets and a vegeburger. The waitress then returned at about 10:00pm and told us that there was no chicken fillets left. We agreed to have fish and a half roast chicken instead. She went away to check that they had got half a roast chicken and she came back 2 mins later and confirmed that they had. We then saw numerous waitresses delivering half roast chicken dinners to other guests. The waitress then returned at about 10:30pm and told us that they did not have any of the half roast chickens left. She said that they only had half a chicken leg left and did I want that instead! We had no choice but to leave the resturant without any food after waiting for a long time.

We had been travelling most of the day and had a 4 year old with us that we desperatly needed to get to bed for the night. The service we recieved was terrible. After they confirmed that they had got the chicken, it seems they put us to the back of the queue again and gave it to everybody else. This level of service is totally not acceptable. We eventually had to make do with prepacked sandwiches from a motorway service station. Is this how you treat customers?


karen July 6, 2011 at 2:36 pm

hi i like to know when and if yu ever going to open a havester in or near mansfield . we need some good food up here i miss havester have to travel miles to get to one


lisa July 30, 2011 at 10:27 pm

i too will be writing to head office to may a complaint..i went to the harvester in northweald,talbot.
to start off we were seated very quickly and ordered our meals..we waited 50 mins for our food to arrive and my husband and i were just about to walk out when it turned up,but the food came so we god i wish i hadn’t.. i bit into my corn on the cob and thought this doesn’t taste right i turned it round to see what i thought was someone else’s bite marks..i promptly called the manager over for him to tell me me nah its been cut off and walked away…i called the waitress over who then said yeah its been cut off coz it was rotten..i felt sick and got no apology what so ever..and i will never go back again


Michael Searle August 10, 2011 at 7:45 pm

Wednesday 10th August we went to the Harvester in Plympton,Plymouth for an evening meal,although the staff were friendly the service was very poor. We were told where the salad bar was located after we placed an order.There was no mention of a refill for soft drinks,although the salad bar was well stocked the food was difficult to pick up as the tongs were flat and not spoon shaped. After we finnished the salad the wait for the main course was average,I asked for the Gammon and requested that I didnot want peas but would like 2 eggs,only to be told rather abruptly the the extra egg would have to be charged(not a problem) The meal arrived and I had to point out that there was only one egg.The waitress then went and returned with an egg on a plate. She did say sorry. I ate what I can only describe as a piece of meat it was totally tasteless. My wife had the Simply Chicken which she could only describe as totally tasteless, the baked potate was palatable, the peas she described as bullet like.Our used dishes were left at the side of the table only to be cleared after the bill was requested. It would be a good idea to send the staff to Dartford Kent for training to see how the job is done properly.We hav e dined there on several occasions and that was first class. Take notice Plymouth…… once was enough……..It was our first and possably our last visit.


Cheralyne Thomas August 12, 2011 at 11:49 am

11th august 2011
Mrs C Thomas
Sheltered Scheme Manager
Guinness Housing Association
6 Millard close
BS10 6EY
Tel 0117 9504677

To complaints department

I am a Sheltered Scheme Manager for the elderly and wish to complain the way we were treated in front off other customers

I took 6 residents and myself to the harvester at Lamb @ Flag at Cribbs causeway Bristol on the 11th August 2011 for lunch we visit your restaurant every 6 weeks on arrival the waitress showed us to our table she asked us if we wanted to order drinks we gave her our order
2 pineapple 4 orange juices 1 soda water no problem

We then ordered our meals 2 steaks 1 fish platter 2 children’s fish & chips 1 rice red pepper meal
1 sausage & mash. We had to return the sausage & mash as the sausages was black the waitress said sorry and ordered another meal we carried on with our meals his arrived as we had finished eating ours this meant we had to wait for our pudding. We placed our order 2 children’s ice creams 2 rocky horrors
1 lemon blizzard the rocky horrors had no fudge sauce and hardly any ice cream,

We called the waitress over and she said they were OK. I then asked for the bill on checking i notice the bill was wrong i called the waitress over and she said the price was correct I then told her that we ordered children’s ice creams cost £1 not over £6 she then said that she would charge us for one I then said that we were being overcharged she then said that she would need to talk to her manager she came back and said we would have to pay for one i then ask to speak to the manager myself he came over and said that we do not serve adult children’s meals and the waitress was to afraid to tell us i then replied that if this was your procedure it should have been stated when we ordered our meals and this wouldn’t have been a problem i was also aware other people in the restaurant was listening to what was being said to us i feel that this could have been dealt with in a more professional manner from the management as we all felt embarrassed we paid the bill and left i Feel the least you can do is give us a full apology and compensation on how we were treated ..


Mr D G Witt August 27, 2011 at 2:11 pm

I wish to complain about 2 meals which i ordered at the Eastbourne harvester on weds 24-8-11,
I ordered 5 meals 3 were ok but the Fish meal was ruined by so much hard batter that it tasted,
as if it was cooked in burnt fat/oil. Second was the Pasta meal it was swamped in Tomato weak ,
sauce. I dont think your staff would like to sit down to eat these kind of meals.
Thank you D Witt


Ron Bowdery September 16, 2011 at 5:52 pm

It is our anniversary tommorow & the ‘Horse & Groom in Sidcup is near to us & convenient. I tried to book a table as on many occasions we have arrived @ the Horse & Groom only to be told that there is a half hour wait or more. So I wanted to book. Imagine my disgust & disappointment that you are no longer taking bookings any more.We have been going to the horse & grrom for 30= years, in the days when it was a beefeater (we could book then) & The Harvester days since the take-over of Beefeater.
You have just lost 2 very loyal customers for good. Is that the unproffesional you wish to carry on – losing good customers ?


Ron Bowdery September 29, 2011 at 11:56 am

I don’t wish to have repeatt myself, I just want to know what your views are. Being ignored when a complaint has been submitted is appalling. I wonder if ‘Watchdog’ would be interested in yout total lack of interest in you customers views for the programme. Might just contact them.


Nikita thompson September 25, 2011 at 3:46 pm

Does anyone have the head office address or tel number of harvester? I went to the riverside, christchurch, dorset yesterday and was served a pink burger! I was busy sorting out the children and had not realised it was barely cooked. It was not hot but you get used to eating warm/cold food when children are present so I didnt think anything of it. I am discusted and feeling really poorly today! :o(


Marcus September 26, 2011 at 3:17 pm

Harvester is part of Mitchells and Butler. You can find the CEO’s e-mail address with this Google search:


Nikita thompson September 28, 2011 at 10:46 pm

Thank you :o)


STEVEN PACITTI November 9, 2011 at 8:03 am

My complaint to head office about Brighton Madeira Drive Harvester:

Dear Sir/Madam,
I know that Harvester encourages customers to write direct to a particular restaurant when it comes to feedback/complaints, but having dealt with the manager of your Madeira Drive Brighton restaurant recently, I am so unhappy with his interaction with my wife and I that I simply cannot leave it as a “local” matter. Our unhappy experience revolves around one individual staff member, but as a “fish smells from the head down” it is the manager’s handling of the problem that has left us further angry, and quite frankly appalled.

My wife and I visited the Madeira Drive restaurant on Monday 31st October, to have a meal before a music concert in town. Having waited several minutes at the “please wait here to be seated” sign while numerous staff members looked at us blankly and looked away again (not a great start), we were sat near the window and served by a member of staff I now know is called Bart.

My wife always orders the same item from the menu, Barbeque Chicken Sandwich on the Early Bird Menu, but as she does not like chips, she always substitutes for new potatoes without butter, and we visit many different Harvesters around the country and have never had a problem substituting. That is, until we met Bart.

Upon asking for this menu choice Bart refused to allow the substitution saying that we could only swap chips for jacket potatoes. My wife asked if they had run out of new potatoes, to which Bart replied saying that head office had instructed no substitutions for new potatoes as these cost more. Startled by this new revelation, we questioned it further, and he lent forward, pointed at the item on the early bird menu and said that it was not possible as our ordered item is on the early bird menu and it’s a new instruction from head office.

Amazed by this pedantic approach (which amazed me considering we’ve never had a problem with this before AND you don’t list prices for the sides, etc on your main menu as it comes as part of the whole meal package), I offered to pay extra for the new potatoes, to which Bart said “I don’t know how to put it through the till.”

My wife, utterly confused by the whole situation, then said, “Okay, we’ll leave it then….” but rather than worry about losing a customer Bart simply said, “Okay” and walked off with the menus.

I was livid and walked off, but my wife decided to approach the duty manager at the time. Explaining the conversation to him, he was surprised by this staff member’s attitude and admitted that he himself exchanges chips for new potatoes, etc, all the time because if that’s what the customer wants, he’ll oblige, and he was unaware of any rule by head office. He offered us a seat in a different section of the restaurant and not to be served by Bart, but it was too late by now and we went to another restaurant for dinner. We returned to Brighton three more times that week for concerts, but instead of going to Harvester as we would have done, we went elsewhere.

Still riled, my wife decided to email the restaurant using your online feedback form. The manager of Madeira Drive then phoned her to discuss it. It is here that my real frustration lies (literally). The manager said he’d spoken to Bart and was genuinely under the impression that there had been “miscommunication” and Bart had not understood what we were asking. I was appalled that the manager had decided to effectively take Bart’s word on the matter over ours, and literally assume we were wrong in our account of the story.

He said that Bart is fairly new and had believed we were ordering cajun chicken off the menu, and so was confused, and he apparently never mentioned head office, and his lack of English fluency had meant he did not understand the situation at all. And, according to the manager, “Bart is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet”.

When my wife told me about the manager’s words to her, I was completely disgusted.

Let’s analyse the facts of what actually happened, and I will let you decide if your franchise restaurant manager has the right customer service approach.

We have no reason at all to lie about the situation, or your staff member. We never asked for vouchers for the restaurant as compensation, or any kind of recompense for the situation, we simply wanted Bart to apologise and admit he was wrong to treat us in this appalling way. Instead, Bart lied to his manager’s face, and that I cannot accept.

We wanted to eat a quick meal before our concert, and we ordered the same thing we order around the country at different Harvesters without any problems. If Bart had held his hands up and said “I’m new, I made a mistake, I’m sorry” then we’d be happy.

Let’s look at the facts shall we? My wife ordered the BBQchicken sandwich from the Early Bird Menu and wanted to exchange chips for newpotatoes, which she does at every other Harvester, and your manager himself says isabsolutely fine to do.Bart told the manager, to his face, that hethought we ordered cajun chicken and he was “confused”. He was notconfused, in fact he understood only too well what we were asking. He even saidthat the reason he could not exchange the chips for potatoes is because what wewanted “was on the early bird menu” and that the potatoes cost more!!He even pointed to it on the menu. Are they the words and actions of somebodywho misunderstood what we were asking??

He also said that he never mentioned “headoffice”. I’m sorry, but he did, and he seems to have a rather convenientmemory problem. He said that head office had instructed new potatoes not to besubstituted because they cost more.

That is the sole reason why we then responded by saying we’dpay extra for the potatoes if he wanted to be pedantic about it. He then saidhe didn’t know how to put it through the till.

Surely a member of staff in this situation, especially onewho I now discover is “fairly new”, according to the Brighton manager, would consulthis manager if he is confused about something?

Then we said, “okay, we’ll leave it then” andrather than worry about losing a customer and asking his manager to help thesituation, he just said “Alright” and walked off. Great customer carefrom “the nicest guy you’ll ever meet”, as we are told he is.

If I was manager I’d be more concerned that my staff membersare prepared to lie to me. If he was just honest, we’d accept it and move on.But he has lied about his participation in this conversation and I am disgustedby it.
And the manager of this restaurant should not be telling us that Bart has effectively called us liars and that he believes him. Where has customer service gone these days?

We will not return to the Brighton restaurant while Bart worksthere.
More importantly, this situation reflects on Harvester, and I am appalled by it all. And quite frankly, am embarrassed for you.

I’d appreciate your feedback.
Yours Sincerely,


unknow December 20, 2011 at 11:33 am

jolly badger harvester

the Manager is very rude, unaccommodating and has a very bad attitude towards his customers. I wanted a certain bottle of wine and they had sold out so i picked another bottle off the wine list, my friends and i decided to get another bottle of wine to share but unfortunately was told they had none left, the bar staff could only sell my the sparkling wine which was out of our price range, i tried to negotiate with the manager about selling me the sparkling wine for the same price, as it was not our fault that we couldn’t buy a bottle of our choice from the wine menu but he would rather let the customer walk away than sell the bottle for a couple of pounds cheaper.before i left ,i had little chat with staff and they told me lots about the manager ,that is to basy shaging one of his staff witch was waiteresse ,and becaming assistance manager on exchange her sex


robert stansfield January 19, 2012 at 5:49 pm

i to be visited the mitcham harvester on many occasions but feel the manager there john his very rude to his staff and at times very unsociable to his staff he will also call staff to others, he has a bullying way with him
which i have witnessed on several visits i am also concern of regular transfer of staff coming and going in the passed has had a good work force since this manager has been there i have noticed staff crying
i feel he needs he to be interviewed on the way he get away with the way he speaks to his staff also the way he his with bar staff


david fisher January 19, 2012 at 9:26 pm

i am writing to you about the way one of your managers conducts his self towards is staff at the mill house mitcham, i have been in where on several occassion i observed the manager talking to staff in front of customers in a bullying way in some ways he has been very offensive towards his staff where i have seen
staff walk out, i have seen him talking to bar staff like they are nothing.
i feel this manager john needs to be looked into has his approch to staff his unprofessional he will also call staff to customers he will then cause staff to walk out in other occasions he has been seen to single staff out i feel somebody needs to talk to staff who have been caused to walk out and who are working there at present


Liam January 21, 2012 at 12:10 am

Waitresses are like this in all harvesters that are around that age, the service i have recieved is absolutly dreadful


david fisher January 21, 2012 at 1:58 am

i thought i would write a gain to see what you think about the attitude of your manager at the mill house in mitcham john i cant understand why you enable this type of person to manage you restraunt his attitude to his staff his very bad also the amount of staff that are spoken to in a bullying way at times he can be very degrading towards his staff i have spoken to some staff who feel he just wants the m out of there jobs he makes it very hard for them where he mentions suspentions and displinarys which i feel his very
bad the staff at this restraunt do not feel happy i feel somebody from head office needs to speak to all staff regarding this manager i go in regular there his a person at present being bullied by him


david fisher January 26, 2012 at 11:35 pm

when i read some of the complaints that are written to your head office they have been told to speak to the manager of the harvester but i feel that in the case at Mitcham harvester has always been very good the manager that went to Worcester park was such a nice girl with very good staff, i cant understand that when a manager his able to talk to staff in the way he does then he his allowed to get away with this but has far has i am awaire bullying in the work place needs to be dealt with by higher management with an interview of all staff on a one to one when some staff are dicrimanate and bullied by this manager then i feel you need to investigate closely being that staff are just walking out there must be something wrong when the manager feels that being a manager has gone to his head i wounder if you really bother about your reputation or that your manager at this restraunt his allowed to do has he likes has his friends are other managers which he calls in when he trying to get rid of staff please do come down from birmingham and take some interest in what his going on why dont you ask yourself why do staff leave why do they walk out why can a manager talk to them offensive when they talk back to him he gets rid of them i am in regular where staff confind in me its very sad


margret dennahey January 27, 2012 at 6:47 am

i have visted harvesters over the country with good meals and staff i have had my biirthday with the family
what an offensive manger at the mill house mitcham sort it out speak to staff find out what the problem this manager has or what he his up to


Mrs S Hennesy January 27, 2012 at 10:20 am

To whom it may concern.
I would like to report inappropriate behavior towards staff and customers at the “Mill House” in Mitcham.
I have become a regular customer with my husband and 3 year old daughter as we really like the service from some of the waitresses and managers. We have had a few previous encounters with “Paul” A very lovely chappy with a constant smile on his face. And a couple of the waitresses and bar staff members. Our time here was always pleasant and fun with amazing food.
But and I am sorry for the “but” but it has to be said, recently I personally have had a bad run in with one of the manages A tall balding Irish man who goes by the name of Jon. I went to the bar to order myself and my husband a coffee and ask if there was any possibility if I could get a small glass of milk for my daughter and received a very crude comment that i do not wish to repeat. I ignored this and waited for my order. While waiting in the bar area I saw him take a member of staff to the side of the bar and give him a dressing down. This I may add was in public view and within hearing distance of anybody in the bar area. I found this to be very rude and unprofessional and do not agree with how this member of staff was dealt with.
I have been back since this incident. But still find this particular manager to be rude and ignorant. I have seen more than one “dressing down” now to more than one member of staff. I feel that something should be done as this is inappropriate and unnecessary that I should have to make complaint. People like this man should have a good dressing down themselves and should be taught how to deal with customers and how to respect their staff.

Yours sincerely
Mrs S Hennesy


V.Oakham February 5, 2012 at 8:42 pm

Avoid Windale Brook Harvester in Bagshot, at all costs! My family went there yesterday (4/2/2012) and even before we had a chance to leave the place nearly all of us became ill. My husband got dizzy and could barely make it to the loo, which was miles away from the table we were at. My daughters became disorientated, flushed and pale, while I had my blood supply cut off from the dreadful seating at our table! I later became ill, and after 24 hours we are all suffering with some form of food poisoning!!! I cannot tell you how dreadful the whole event was, from manager, staff, food, just everything!!!! The health inspectors should be called urgently! It looks like this Harvester franchise should be investigated big time!


Tina Huckle February 15, 2012 at 1:11 pm

On Friday the 10th of February 2012 we went to the Harvester in Sheffield at the centretament centre, we booked a table earlier in the week for 15 people at 7.30pm, to celebrate my friend’s birthday.
The waitress staff were friendly and the service was very good. We collected our salad the wait for the main course was average.

The meal ‘s arrived and 7 out of the 15 meals were not ederble we ordered 2 of your full rack of ribs with chips, the ribs were total black on the bottom hardly any meat on them at all and the chips were hard and contained no potato at all.
I called the waitress over to asked if she could please change the two rib meals she was quite happy to do this, when she returned with the meals, the same rack of ribs were on the same plates, the kitchen staff obviously thought they didn’t need to change the ribs, the chips had been changed but were no different to the ones we had the first time round and now what meat was on the ribs was cold.

My Friend a had baked potato which was very hard inside and was only able to eat a very small amount.

We also order EB Stuffed mushroom which were cold and had a very bitter taste to them this dish was also wasted.

We also order 1 chicken classic once again this was quite burnt not rally edible

Two chicken breast meals were order both pieces of chicken were very black and burnt on the bottom, are your oven’s too high?

The kitchen staff were aware we were coming as we had booked and I don’t think there is any excuse for serving bad food.
The waitress was very nice and said she would ask the manager to come and speak to us.

It took him 20 minutes when Eddie the manager finally arrived he wasn’t interested in what I had to say at all, Infact he was very rude and told me that the chips are what they are and there not going to change them.
He offered no explanation for the bad service of any of the other dishes we were complaining about.
He said he would get back to me once he has spoken to the waitress why? It wasn’t her fault and she hadn’t cooked the food!
He didn’t come back to speak to me he sent the waitress to speak to me 15 minutes later he had offered us a 20% discount which was very nice of him .
But the total of the meals wasted was £58.63 no where near 20% discount received.
I don’t think we would dine there again once was enough……..It was our first and possibly our last visit.

Mrs Tina Huckle



philip budd February 17, 2012 at 3:18 pm

Hi we went to the harvester in bristol there was four of us we ordered a 8oz steak which we asked to be well done which i could not eat as it was burnt we also ordered simply chicken and jacket the jacket was hard in places and the chicken was over cooked. the service was not very good.


mrs tina simone February 23, 2012 at 11:16 am

Me and family had a meal at the ipswich branch and were very distrased to hear the waitress saying that one of the chefs had food poisining and were still forced to work doing meals 🙁 straigth aways we got up and left the restaurant, and we will never set our foot in there again knowing that the management does not care about basic higiene even worst when is related to serious cases like this, will not advice no one to have a meal in such place!


Nakita March 14, 2012 at 12:21 am

After reading all of your complaints, I am utterly shocked to think that Harvester’s nationwide sounded as bad as they do. I live in Plymouth, and must admit, the Harvester is my favourite place to eat out! I always find the restaurant is clean and tidy, and have never had to wait more than 30 minutes for a table, in which I would go to the bar and have a chat with friends or family until our table is ready.

I always find the staff are kind and have a positive attitude, and always polite. The service is always as best as I could expect. The salad bar is always stocked well, and always looking fresh and tasty!

I always go for the same meal off of the early bird menu which is the 7oz Gammon, it is so flavoured, sweet and perfect! I would never eat gammon anywhere else because it would never compare to Harvesters!
My family live in a little town about 25 miles from Plymouth but often come to visit in which i get asked.. ‘ can we go to harvesters for tea?’ they like it that much!

The desserts.. wow! 🙂 Very sweet tooth indeed! Would easily recommend any of the Sundaes. Yummy is an understatement! And I also feel that the Refill Fizzy Drinks are a fab idea too!

Overall… I cannot fault the Harvesters in Plymouth one bit… and therefore, decided to write this piece to inform you that not all of them are bad!
Deffinatly worth a visit!



George October 10, 2015 at 8:18 pm

We went today early bird not on the menu now


Samantha Barwell March 14, 2012 at 9:06 am

Went to the Harvester (Royal Oak) last Sunday (11 March). I have been many times before and generally find the food OK and reasonably price and it is child friendly. However, on this occasion we waited an hour to be seated (fair enough as they did tell us) – we were duly seated but after an hour no food had appeared. We asked a waitress who said she would check but never came back. Then asked someone else to check who never came back. Eventually we decided to leave and told the chap allocating the tables. We were 4 adults and my 2 grandchildren (2 and 10 months) who by this time were really hungry and had to get home. Eventually we went to Macdonalds (which we all hate) simply just to get something into the kids.
I emailed them on Monday and have not yet had a response – presumably because they have many complaints to deal with as there were other people leaving without food. I expect a response within 24 hours even it is only to say they are looking into it.

Dire service and we won’t be going back. This is a very busy Harvester so why not let people book!!!!


Joe Schultz April 4, 2012 at 10:34 am

Having visited the Harvester at Boscombe pier last night, was disgusted to find that although my partners was brought in a glass of wine, I was was handed a paper cup for my refillable coke This is not quite what we have expected at a formal evening meal. I did ask for a glass my for my drink and was told that this was now government riling. Later the waiter explained that people had been taking glasses on to the beech, but we were eating a meal in the. restuarant. This was not bringing out the best in entertainment.

Can we go back to your normal standards, Joe Schultz


lemons April 6, 2012 at 11:45 pm

I know Harvester well and I know things that could make you very ill indeed. I visited one place before I was employed, a few months back. I wasn’t impressed as I was visiting with my Hubby and decided to celebrate the fact I was going to be in a job after months of unemployment. It was busy, but not too full. We were seated by a lovely server called Craig. He was polite. He told us what was on offer and gave us two glasses to go and get soft drinks with. I ordered steak and my hubby ordered Chicken. We waited and waited for our main food (about 20 mins) and I went to check out the salad bar, which did look and taste nice. The rolls weren’t warm though and food was scattered about at one end of the bar. Our food did come and as we were so hungry, we really didn’t notice how Luke warm it was until my hubby said to me, my chicken doesn’t seem that warm. It did become busier, but I noticed we didn’t get a check back until we got the desert. I don’t go in now. We tipped the waiter who was good at his job, but the food wasn’t great really and I didn’t think it WAS really value for money. I used to visit Harvesters a lot now I prefer to us other places if we chose to eat out. I am in the process of writing to the Head office to complain of this and how we spent £20+ on a meal which was nearly cold when it arrived and also how we heard members of staff swearing in ear shot of children. Harvester you need to LISTEN more to your customers as your service in areas are great, but in others isn’t so good and your food need to be improved greatly before people come and spend their money with your company. Oh by the way. The salad bar isn’t FREE, it’s all part of the meal. So even if you go up LOADS of times, and think you are getting it FREE you aren’t. I find in some Harvesters they charge more than other ones do. I WONDER WHY?


Eleanor April 20, 2012 at 5:33 pm

i actually like Harvester , maybe some are bad but the one near where i live is brilliant


Lady S.Whitbread April 23, 2012 at 6:03 pm

On arriving at your Harvester on Friday 20th April,with my husband and grandaughter( Southbury Leisure Park,)we were greeted with two people screaming at each at the bar ;no member of staff seemed to be dealing with the problem;We proceeded to make our way in and after a good five min wait we were taken to a table,after waiting another 15 mins my husband called a waiter as he passed our table our order was taken and told to help ourselfs to the salad bar this my grandaughter and I did. Whilst getting her salad she found a long hair in her food which we took to the manager ,she said she was sorry and had the food cleared and replaced,our grandaughter then went up to get some more salad,in the processe of eating that she then found black fluff which I again showed the manager again she said she was sorry.Now you would think that would be the end of the matter but no I got myself a white roll it was so hard I banged it on the table a few times again I showed the manager again it was a sorry.The whole event was a total letdown I was so angry when I left the place I had promised my grandaughter a nice everning and it turned out to be a farst…………….I expect a reply to this email asap and wait on its content.


Lady S Whitbread


jill bailey May 13, 2012 at 9:24 pm

we went to the harvester in rowlands castle for lunch,i ordered the chicken wraps when thay arrived thay the wraps were so hard and dry that you could not cut them or bite into them.I called 0ver the waitress to complain and was told that there always like that its where there left under the heat heat lamps,not what i wanted to here. I was offered a piece of chicken in its place but buy that tine the rest of my family had all finished.
A good day ruined. yours Mrs Jill Bailey


jill bailey May 15, 2012 at 5:22 pm

still waiting for response.


Lady S.Whitbread May 14, 2012 at 1:14 am

Still waiting for Harvester to reply ……………………….


martin olding May 28, 2012 at 2:27 pm

i have been going to havester cardiff bay for about 4years and i spend about 3o pounds every visit i go 3 times a week and the last 4 weeks they have been getting my food wrong every time i go there and my wife to i need an expnation as a chef cant even cook a sausage right please would e mail me and tell me whats going on ………………..martin olding taffs well cardiff.


john hadlow September 6, 2012 at 7:54 pm

from horse and groom harvester eastbourne-My partner and I came into your resteraunt on the above date,at roughly 130pm,we were seated by the door -our order was taken well,and our drinks arrived in due course.Unfortuneatly,from this point our entire dining experience went down hill.We ordered starters and a main-after waiting and being blatently ignored by the waitress,as she was sat down talking to the other staff we were left sat there for 45 mins before we decided to go and find the manhe ager,while in the process of doing this-the food arrived the manager begrudingly came over and said “what”…in a very surley manner,we explained that we had been waiting 45 mins and I was TOLD-“its here now” and walked off.We had to get him back due to the meal which was supposedly nachos..they had been left on the hotplate for a considerable length of time and the toppings were turned orange and the cheese had cremated its self so badly to the plate, it wasnt edible the guackamoli was burnt orange as well amazing for a green product.Needless to say that the dish was inedible and the whole item was an abomination and disgusting..genuinely revolting.The manager said “I would not be charged” I was not even offered a partner had soup in a plate which was ok apart from a boiling hot plate.After another 20 mins for our next course-my partner had a mixed grill which went like this..sausage cremated BLACK thruout,staeak,altho asked for medium,was so rare it was bleeding badly-chicken undercooked and pink-gammon was a strip of fat,,the egg the white was still runny and clear..not cooked..the blue black sauce asked for did not come with the meal and asked for THREE times at three ten intervals..resulting a meal that partner did not want to eat any of it…I ordered Katsu chicken which on the menu sounded lovely,sadly,this was how it arrived..Bland uncooked rice with no taste and hard dry,curry sauce with a thick layer of fat on the top-peas were dried and black..the most spectacular letdown was the chicken itself..which was a dry burnt layer of breadcrumbed chicken fat,with veins running thru the fat and burnt on the top and edges. I called the waitress and told her it was inedible and revolting she took it away with no comment and yet again no offer or apologie..both me and my partner then were so upset that we wanted to leave…we then had a bill with all the food items included and we had to point out that we didnt have to pay for the starter..when I pointed out I was not paying for the food I could not eat,the waitress became very surly and very rude..when I pointed out |I had not eaten a thing she argued with me that she asked me if it was ok and even tho i said no she still tried to charge ,me-after a further 15 mins ..she returned and said we had to pay for one starter and 1 main..which we did as we were so upset we wanted to leave..the entire time we were there we were gettin g funny looks and the staff were hunched about in small groups sat down and chatting..people came and left while we were waiting for our first was NOT busy that day..we feel that we were very badly dealt with..we have been to may of your resterants around the country and have never been unfortunate enough to experiance this truly disgusting standard in food..and genuinely abominable service.I have taken photos of the meal.Up to this point we had always advised to goodness of harverster..but I wouldnt send a pig to eat there..magically the waitress took our recipt claiming to need we made sure of the name of the branch for contact.we left afer eating nothing still hungry


Dot leroux January 10, 2013 at 3:45 pm

Monday 7th Jan myself and 2 grand daughters went to Harvester Nuneaton for a meal. We were not told when arriving that there was a problem from your supplier !! Everything we tried to order was out of stock!! We then ordered what ever, we then made our way to the salad bar which had very few salads and only a few brown rolls ( no White ) and guess what?? no butter as well.!! A very disapointing evening had by all!!

So sorry to complain but Harvester is one of my best resturants and i have always loved the food and never had a problem before. Next time there is a suppy problem, i would make sure that staff tell cleints when arriving!!

Thanking you
Dot leroux


Amanda knibbs January 28, 2013 at 8:38 pm

I visited the Stevenage Harvester in the Roaring Meg which I very often go to, I went straight after I picked my daughter up from school so it was around 3:45 when we arrived. I ordered the chicken with the mushroom and cheese my daughter had the child’s combo with chicken and sausage, the waitress came over quickly to ask if everything was ok, I said yes but was still sorting out my childrens meals as I have an 11mth old who needed her food cutting up. When I started my meal I got the attention of the waitress to say my chicken was very watery and did not taste cooked I also stopped my daughter eating hers, the waitress said she would speak to the manager, nobody came over to the table so when I had ate the chips and peas I asked for the bill and said “did the manager not want to come and speak to me” her reply was ” he said there is nothing he can do, they will all be the same because they came from the same batch” nothing had been amended on the bill so I ended up paying for the 2 meals when the chicken was not eaten on either. Which to be honest I’m quite disgusted about.
I look forward to hearing your reply


Raymond ott January 24, 2014 at 6:11 pm

Get the honey. Pot sorted,my wife her mother(93)and myself I ask to put my brinks on to our meal ticket no we don’t do that here,got. My drinks walk back to table,and they was calling me,that’s not twenty mins I said. ,,shrug shoulder and wwaslk away


robero sanchez March 28, 2014 at 12:32 pm

To ever it may concern. My wife family and friends often visit the harvester in Staines on Thames, in Tilly’s Lane.I would like to say it’s the best Harvester we’ve EVER been in. The sevice is always excellent, the food, excellent, Salad bar always fresh and filled up. It doesn’t matter what day you go in or who serves you, it is consitantly very good. Being in the trade for 30 years before we retired, I know that means a lot of hard work for which the manager can take the credit. Somebody is missing a trick there, because he should out there teaching other managers how it’s done. Thank you Staines, always a pleasure to visit.


mrs sue powell June 29, 2014 at 6:23 pm

Me and my family went to harvesters on sinday and the service was terrible. The girl we had Holly was
not very polite. No customer service manner.


Hannah Powell July 1, 2014 at 1:34 pm

To whom it may concern,

On our recent visit to Harvesters over Spytty Retail Park (new one) we got served by the waitress Holly.

She was very polite at first but then we she took our order . when we received our food my daughter burger was really dry and hard, we told the waitress about it she said nothing so we spoke to the manager of this situation, but he said that he would take the burger off.

so during the time we were dinning out the waitress asked us did we want any deserts we said yes, my daughter said she wanted a ice cream but the waitress said in a rudely manner u cant have the ice cream on the meal deal , i said yeah i know.

then when it came to the bill we couldn’t work it out. the waitress had over charged us with an unlimited drink.

Im sorry but something needs to be done regarding this person attiitude her table manner was awful .and i wont be going to that harvesters again.


H Powell


john lipman September 25, 2014 at 1:01 pm

Date of visit – 14th September @ 4.00pm till 7.50pm

I would like to make a formal complaint about a recent visit to your Glasgow Quay Harvester restaurant.
We had picked this venue for a birthday meal for my nephew because we had dined there on several occasions before.
We arrived as a party of eight and were told that the 2 large tables which could accommodate us were being used, but could have 2 tables quite close to each other. We said yes, but the tables were quite a distance apart, and not only that, the tables had not been cleaned and the floor surrounding them looked as if someone had emptied their plate of food over it. We then said to the waitress that we would rather wait for the table to become available. She told us it would be approximately 30 minutes and asked us to sit in the bar area with a hand held bleeper to inform us when it would be ready. After 45 minutes of waiting we asked again how long it would be, to which the girl replied that the other patrons were just having their pudding so it wouldn’t be much longer. After another 30 minutes, we again asked how long it would be, to which the girl said they were just finishing.
After nearly 90 minutes of waiting I went up myself to complain to which the girl said they were just getting the table ready for us. After another 15 minutes they eventually said our table was ready, but took us to another part of the restaurant where 2 tables had been put together. We had asked this when we first arrived only to be told that they couldn’t due to health & safety reasons.
When we sat down at the tables they were dirty/greasy/disgusting, had only forks & napkins at all seatings, and looked like they had been thrown on the table, had food at the back of most of the seats and the floor was filthy.
Then when our main courses arrived they looked as if they had been thrown on the plate, which we commented on but got no response. We then had to wait another 15 minutes for our desserts to arrive, which were only ice creams.
I have never had such a bad experience at a restaurant in all my life, especially when we chose to celebrate one of our parties birthday there, and didn’t even get an apology from anyone in the restaurant after asking for your head office address, which they told us it was on our receipt.

I have attached images showing the state of the table, seats, floor and the way our dinners arrived.

I await your response.
John Lipman


Joshua Taylor December 7, 2014 at 8:51 am

I’d like to bring to your attention the absolutely disgusting service I received at the Harvester in Cwmbran on Saturday 6th December. I had a party of 19 booked in for 7.30. However, on arriving our table was not ready until gone 8.15. We were left standing at the bar with no apology or explanation. This table was booked nearly 3 months in advance, so why it was not ready is just down to their bad planning and management. We were seated on TWO different tables, a bit of an inconvenience for ONE party. Had the proper care been taken, we could have easily been seated at one large table. Our orders were not taken until well gone 8.30 – over an hour after we arrived! We asked if we would be compensated for the restaurants lack of planning and poor management, and two bottles of wine were given to us. Two bottles of wine between 19 people just doesn’t work. And is quite frankly an absolute piss take. I spoke to someone who said they were the assistant manager – a vile little man who wanted to do anything but help. He argued that we didn’t wait nearly an hour for our table – when the clock clearly stated we did. Maybe you should hire someone who can tell time as a minimum requirement. He shrugged his shoulders and told us that “it should be expected” – NO, I don’t think it would be expected, if a table is booked 3 months in advance it should be ready when it’s due to be ready, not an hour later. The poor boy who waited our tables was absolutely run off his feet and looked embarrassed to be there. He described the assistant manager as a “bastard” to us, and quite frankly, I could not agree more. This boy deserves a raise for having to work underneath such incompetent managers!!!! The food was absolutely disgusting and not worth waiting for – a few people in our party ordered chicken, however it tasted of pork where it has clearly been slapped on the same grill as the gammon. It wasn’t worth bring this to the mangers attention as we’d already seen how useless and uncaring he was – he’s a true embarrassment to the company and should be sacked, re-trained on how to run a restaurant and how to deal with customers at absolute least!!! I will not hesitate to deter anyone thinking of booking with the harvester by telling them of this lack of service and saving them the hassle and a ruined night out. This manager should be ashamed of his behaviour and attitude towards customers – customers who pay his wage!!!


rita robinson December 24, 2014 at 2:44 pm

to whom it may concern,i went to harvester benfleet on 19th decemeber with a work party of 10 people,when we arrived our table already had a party on there and the people were relutant to move we finally got to our table at 8,50 our table was booked for 8.30. had to wait for nearly one hour for starters it came up starter was cold had to send it back, waited a further 10mins, , the dinner was awful i had the beef the portatoes were so hard, the dinner was uneatable, when we finally went to pay for the meal, we complained via selina and ian but nouthing was really sorted out,i would never return to this harvester again food was awful and you just cudnt eat it, service was extremly slow, will never return , also i have complained to benfleet and they have not answered by email,


J oanne February 22, 2015 at 7:53 pm

I came to your harvester in Lowestoft last night to celebrate my sons birthday had a table booked for eight table wasn’t ready when we got there so got a drink and waited finally got seated waited for our waitress and waited after twenty minutes or more my son went and asked where our waitress was she arrived ten minutes later and was very polite took our order didn’t ask if we wanted any more drink or anything after we had finished our deserts she just plonked our bill on the table and walked of not offering any coffee or other drinks by this time we just wanted to leave we didn’t have any change so unforutly she got a small tip but won’t be going again with the service we got this isn’t the first time


J oanne February 22, 2015 at 7:54 pm

Not very polite


J oanne February 23, 2015 at 3:01 pm

Why do I see no replies on this site from harvester and why is nothing being done all these complaints doesn’t that worry you that you are going to lose a lot of customers I work in a shop where people ask me to recommend a restaurant while there here on holiday yours won’t be one of them


Mags March 11, 2015 at 2:00 pm

This was my first visit to your establishment and also my last. Firstly, the hostess looked as if she would be better suited to a transport cafe. Her clothes had clearly never seen an iron. She was not at all welcoming and made us feel that we were a nuisance as opposed to customers that were welcome. Once
seated we were waited on by a lovely waitress who did her very best to make us feel welcome. My heavily pregnant daughter ordered a gammon steak which whilst looked delicious, tasted dirty. On checking, the underside was clearly dirty from a dirty grill, also leaving a grey trail on her plate. When I complained I was told by the waitress that is how it comes. I disagreed as food should never be dirty when cooked. The hostess then came over and whilst pointing aggressively at the plate said ‘that is how it comes. There is nothing I can do about it’ with an attitude almost as disgusting up as the dirty gammon on the plate. As we had come to your establishment to celebrate my daughters, grandson and my birthdays (all within that week) we felt very disappointed with the experience. My 2 grandsons were more than satisfied with their food as was I. I do feel that your hostess is in need of training in how to address customers and I’m sure that there is a dress code for your company. Your hostess at this location has ensured that my family will not return, ever. Also, I’m sure that the barmaid would be better serving customers promptly instead of making them wait whilst she texts her friends from behind the bar.


J Bryan May 7, 2015 at 3:33 am

very rude,unprofessional,and ignorant manager at harvester centertainment branch,Sheffield..will NEVER go there again.


Lesley August 12, 2015 at 9:52 pm

Hello my family and I often use to go to the harvester in Hornchurch Essex the last time we went my son inlay had his meal put in front of him and under the chips was a big bluebottle the waitress was called and her answer was what do you want me to do about it with a smirk on her face .
Also it is getting very shabby in there when is is going to be refurb end because it needs it badly


coventry September 25, 2015 at 3:58 pm

I go for breakfast nearly everyweek and im charged £4.99 for the breakfast and 99p for pure orange juice.
Today there was two off us, two breakfasts and two orange juice.
When i go to pay im told £14.18 and i see on my reciept 2x breakfast and 2x tea and coffee!!
I said to the server we didnt have tea or coffee we had orange juice and im usualy charged £5.99 so should be £11.98 altogether.
The man said he will check with his manager.he came back and gave me another bill for 15.18 and said drinks are a set price.
This did not make sense to me because the menu states 1.unlimited tea and coffee £2.10.
2.Unlimited tea and coffee plus orange juice 2.60 juices including orange juice 99p

And the new reciept said tea and coffee x2 £4.20 plus £1.00 for orange juice so im being charged for sumthing i havnt drank!!
They should have a seperate price for orange juice and if i was charged the day bar price for orange juice £2.50 i should get a fresh unopenend bottle of cold orange juice and not the orange juice poured out of a carton and left on the side from 8.30am for customers to drink untill breakfast ends at 11.30!!

I then said i wont pay for something ive not had and left the money i owed on the bar then i was threatend with police then a security mate ran towards me and i ran off because i have aspergers and dont like people touching me let alone man handle me.
I wanted the police to come i only live by harvester and thought they can come knocking.all this over orange juice!!
My mate paid it after sayin a 5a for orange juice so i wasnt happy he did and i thought i’ll phone headoffice to be told the staff are in the right and everytime ive been in before ive been undercharged.

Well i wont be returning.i stopped going for lunch and dinner because off the small portion sizes and high prices and low standards especially with how clean it wasnt as the day went on
And today for unlimited breakfast i counted about 10 decent chips n 5 unedable ones and small side of beans.i only go here because i like alot of bacon

The best so far has to be weatherspoons.3quid breky very tastey and unlimited filter coffee out of a proper coffee machine 99p


coventry September 25, 2015 at 6:15 pm

If i was undercharged before and been misslead in the past with prices the manager should have said i will charge you what you have been previously charged because its oviously are error then i should have got told the correct prices and told how much it will be in future to purchase just orange juice and then at least put the price of orange juice on the menu.
But instead you manager causes a scene and leaves me in distress.its now 18.00 and im still botherd by it.
My original plan was to go on my own and i had about 5.50 in change and i thought this was not enough if i wanted orange juice aswell so i took my purse aswell.
If there was £6 on my person this is how much i would have only had because ive been charged exactly the same amount everytime i go for breakfast £5.98
I think the way it was dealt with by the manager was unreasonable and very unprofessional and i have a disabilty that cannot be seen by looking at me and if i didnt walk away to stop a arguement then ran away from the fear of being man handled i would have got even more upset,very anxious then know doubt be in a arguement with the manager.
But instead they loose customers because i meet friends for brekfast and lunch abd have planned to go breakfast at harvester but i will not be going there again


George October 10, 2015 at 8:12 pm

Just returned from a family evening out at the Havester Falconwood Welling, feeling disappointed with the food which was luke warm and badly presented, the size of the meals were inconsistent in size. Some of the food was burnt and some was not cooked thoroughly, The gravy pot was badly chipped and a crack going down the side. The menu change is not for the better and very confusing with very limited choice.
The washrooms are very shabby and one toilet had no light working. We reluctantly paid for the meal as our comments made to the waitress regarding the above was not taken seriously as reheating the meal would not have improved a cold, soggy, hard bun. After reading the other the complaints dating back quite a while nothing seems to be taken seriously or being done about the comments from your customers.


Tony November 22, 2015 at 4:41 pm

Went to Harvester today 22nd November and was informed the early bird menu is not available Saturday or Sunday.Why has this stopped?


Karen ward February 14, 2016 at 5:43 pm

My husband and myself took out two granddaughters to the elms Coventry for a meal I had previously booked and downloaded a voucher I had jotted down the code my PC gave me and couldn’t get a signal when we got to your restaurant I told the lady who took us to our tables she said I wouldn’t need it till the end after the meal I told the waitress I had this voucher I was told I could have got the children drinks and puddings in with the pound price as well but it was to late so I had to pay separate for them I find this unfair and will be less likely to visit a harvester again which is a shame because the food is lovely I don’t think I was treated fairly and the voucher system wasn’t explained fight Mrs Karen ward 19wrigsham street cheylesmore Coventry westmidlandscv35fu


Chris Metcalfe May 11, 2016 at 3:22 pm


My name is Chris Metcalfe a Day Facilitator at The National Star College in Cheltenham. I regularly take students to the Brewery Site Cheltenham & have a great time, your staff are always very helpful obliging & courteous.

However, on sunday 8th May, I took some students who require soft food & was totally shocked that an organisation, the size of yours, has not invested in a blender for dietary needs. So some of my more disabled students came away having had a bad experience.

I hope this can be rectified in the near future & I look forward to receiving a positive email regarding this matter.

Many regards

Chris Metcalfe BA/Bsc(Hons)


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