Having recently experienced a similar situation to some of these complaints I understand how frustrated people are becoming by not having easy access to contact details to take your complaint further than the store it concerns.You must do this though because our stores are always going to continue this bad service they are providing if we don’t.My husband was verbally abused by one young man in the Batley store, but after getting only empty promises from 2 of the managers I eventually wrote to their head office.Address for your convenience isTesco House, Delamare Road,Cheshunt,Herts,EN8 9SL.Address your letter to the Chief Executive.It makes sense to let those who are higher up know what is going on in their shops and do not let the complaint drop, I wonder if this is their reason for making it so difficult for customers, so that we will get fed up and not bother to persue it.Some of the customer services representatives were very ignorant with accusations made to me regarding e mails I had sent, others were extremely helpful.I / we have now resolved our situation, but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth when these things happen, particularly when you have to keep battling and get confused with who has said what.I do wish that businesses would look at these complaint pages and see just what effect they are having on their customers and reply in general on the page with easy contact details, it would surely make sense to see that they have given some sort of service to people they have made unhappy, and not wait until customers have eventually got through to somebody who can help.I eventually dealt with the customer relations dept. in the store, who were extremely helpful.I did not realise that they did this, I thought the manager was the best person to deal with, apparently not.Good luck.