Dear Ms. Carole Woodhead,
firstly let me state that as a cunsumer who regularly orders products through Debanhams and other high street retailers I often receive packages hand delivered by your couriers. The service I have received until now has been nothing but exemplary.

However, having placed several orders with Debenhams for my wedding accessories and getting overly excited about their arrival I was horrified to discover one morning that your courier was thoughtlessly, carelessly and viciously showing my fragile tiara through my letter box. Upon opening the package I found that the tiara had been damaged to the point it was unwearable. As it was made of a fragile metal to give it its sparkling effect the tiara was so badly bent by your courier I would not even consider letting the flower girl wear it as it now has several sharp edges.

As the tiara is needed for my wedding, I have had no choice but to return the item and order a new one. As I initially ordered the item in the sale period not only have I had to pay an additional cost for posting, I have also had to pay a higher price for the product. Therefore, I would consider the best resolution for your company to pay me compensation to the value of my added expenses plus interest for wasted time and emotional distress. I estimate this cost to be £30. I also wish to know what action you plan to take to stop this happening to another unsuspecting customer.

I do not believe this to be an unreasonable request for my continuing use of your services. I would appreciate your prompt response so that I can feel that the issue has been resolves and have some peace of mind that it will not happen again.

Yours Sincerely,

Chantelle Shone.