I would like to bring following to your attention.

If you have EU ID and would like to pay in Cash for your stay – DON’T go to Premier Inn

I have made a reservation through Booking.com for two nights – 10 and 11 of June 2016 in Premier Inn Ramsgate. Booking number: 880023593 PIN code: 7846
The booking was cancelled by the hotel manager – Angie Merchant upon arrival and said there will be no charge.

The reason she cancelled the booking was because she did not let me pay by cash and refused to check us in. She have asked me for ID and did not accepted EU ID card as a valid ID. She insisted to be British ID. ??
For a hotel so close to Dover I believe a lot of tourists and workers from EU are visiting. If anyone of them would like to pay in cash???
Any way. I have read the Terms and Conditions on Premier Inn site and could find anything regarding EU ID and cash payments.

I have used Booking.com quite a few times now and had no problems before. All reservations ware made by the same debit card and upon arrival I pay either with the same card but mostly with cash.

The funny thing is the hotel across the road Holiday Inn Express had a double room available and accepted EU ID and cash payment.( I am keeping the receipt as proof of this and to help me with my further legal actions )

This was really humiliating, discriminating and very wrong and further I would like to know what kind of further action I can take

On top of everything booking are charging me £ 70.00 cancelation fee, when Angie Merchant said there will be no charge.
Taking in to account the caused discomfort, unfair treatment, stress and inconvenience I felt really embarrassed at reception on Friday around the other hotel guests I was treated like untrusty and more or less a criminal.

Nick Nikolov

Dear Nikolay Nikolov,
Please note that your reservation at Premier Inn Ramsgate – Manston Airport (reservation number: 880023593) has been cancelled.
Premier Inn Ramsgate – Manston Airport has notified us that you did not arrive on the check-in date and as a result, they have cancelled your reservation.
Please click here if the information above is not correct.

Booking first made on Thursday 9 June 2016, at 10:35:21 [CET]
Last modification made on Wednesday 15 June 2016, at 14:44:19 [CET]

Premier Inn Ramsgate – Manston Airport

Address: Tothill Street,Minster
Ramsgate, CT12 4HY
United Kingdom
Phone: +443333219212

E-mail: 880023593-42eh.9cdn.z8m8.6mf4@property.booking.com

Travel information: Driving directions

Booking number 880023593
PIN code 7846
E-mail nick.a.nickolov@gmail.com

Booked by mr Nikolay Nikolov
Check-in: Friday 10 June 2016 (14:00)

Check-out: Sunday 12 June 2016 (12:00)

Cancellation policy:
Total cancellation cost £ 71

Customer Service information
Geniuses get their own customer service line
Local number: 020 3684 7925
When abroad : +44 20 3684 7925