Dear Thomas cook!,

My husband and I where due to travel to Sharm el sheik, Egypt on the 14 th of March, we have always dreamed of going there , but as you can immagine we are very up tight at our age, We couldnt relax. However the travel agent at the co-operative travel, Almondvale center Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland has told us we can change our holiday at a cost. We deliberatley booked our holiday at that date as when we return back to Scotland my husband is going for a Knee replacement. This could take some time to recover and the travel agent tell me we must take our holiday within the three months of the date of departure. With all the best will in the world that would be great to go elsewhere, but being realistic my husband will be not fit for flying and also the health risk of thrombosis as its not advisable to fly for 6 months after a big operation. Now we need atleast 6 months before we go a holiday, and are happy for you to secure holiday for us. at a later date

There must be something you can do to resolve this matter . I wish we went online last min booking as it makes you wonder if going to travel agents is the way to go.

Mrs Dunsmore

contact number 07842220111

addresse 35 Norwood Avenue
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