To Whom it may concern

On the 4th October 2014 at approx 16.30 I decided to pick up some fruit from Sainsburys, I had what is known as a Handbag puppy in my jacket, which I wouldn’t have brought in, if on a previous visit I hadn’t been told by a supervisor those dogs are allowed as well as Blind dogs, simply because my dog wasn’t able to touch the floor. I was approached by a rather large security guard who with his large body maneuvered me toward the customer service line and was then surrounded by both security guards, God only knows what people must have thought, never been so embarrassed in all my life. Another supervisor was called, only too be told that my dog wasn’t allowed in. I have been into Sainsbury’s in Brentwood at least 10 times with my puppy and never had a problem like this. I visited your store earlier that day and spent £50. You know what a blind dog carries far more germs on them than my puppy.
Don’t get me started on the disabled parking, it’s right round the far side of the building quite away from the door and there are never any small trolleys, being disabled is bad enough, without being embarrassed in the way I was today. I won’t be shopping with Sainsburys again. I feel discriminated against.