Dear Gillian,

Thank you for your assistance. I did eventually receive my kilt order and I was very pleased to do so, however, I have been disappointed with several aspects of my received order. When I first tried on my Argyle jacket I felt that the sleeves were too short. My order form does indeed request normal length sleeves, and the jacket has normal length sleeves, however, the sleeves do feel short. I can only assume that this is either a mistake made when I was being measured in Edinburgh or that my arms have grown quite spectacularly over the last few months in the tropical heat of South East Asia. I had ordered my outfit so that I could wear it to a St. Andrew’s Ball last weekend and I decided to live with the received jacket and not to contact your company about this. I was therefore quite irritated to notice during the course of the evening on Saturday that the badge/design on my sporran had fallen off. I had only been wearing the outfit for two hours at this stage. I do find it quite disconcerting that a sporran, with a price tag of 89.95GBP, can begin to fall apart a mere few hours after being taken out of the box. Please see the attached photo for the expensively sparse sporran.

When I eventually received my order in Bangkok I had to pay close to an extra 200gbp on import duties. This is a fee that I was not aware of when I asked for my order to be sent to Thailand and I am aware that this is nothing to do with your company, but it has made my purchase an expensive one and I feel quite disappointed at the service and quality of the goods that I have received.

Is the anything that can be done about this?

Yours sincerely – Owen McDevitt.


This is just to let you know that I finally received my jacket and sporran last Saturday, at a cost of roughly 170GBP. I strongly urge and recommend that you do not use UPS ever again when shipping goods to Thailand. I have not encountered such incompetence since applying for a South African passport several years ago and having to explain to an astoundingly stupid bureaucrat why my British passport did not contain a South African identity number. And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

I did encounter one person at UPS in Bangkok who tried to be helpful, however, that person was unable to assist me, such was the messy debacle that appears to be UPS customer relations in Thailand. It was only through sheer exasperation, six weeks after my shipment arrived in Thailand, that I finally gave in and paid the fees required. UPS had told me that if I didn’t pay the fees the shipment would be abandoned, which would obviously have made me a tad upset, as well as sporranless and jacketless.

Next time I will probably opt for the safer, more reliable and time-effective method of asking you to place my goods in a wooden barrel with my name and address in Bangkok stamped on the side, and to then dump the barrel into the water at Leith Docks and hope that the tide brings it to Thailand.

All the best – Owen McDevitt.