In October 2009 I ordered a kitchen from Homebase and a designer from Homebase came to my house and discussed the design. I opted to have the kitchen installed my a local kitchen fitter. The design of the kitchen was a complete disaster along with various items missing from the order. After several visits to the local store in Frome, I wrote a letter of complaint. To date I still have not received a reply. After numerous visits to the local store, i gave up and my very helpful, efficient kitchen designer over came the problems.

On 8th January I ordered two kitchen door knobs, after several visits to the store I have still not received them. When visiting the store the staff are very helpful and assure me that the my kitchen knobs have been ordered as a priority, however, as yet i have still not received them.

The service I have received is appalling and I could not recommend Homebase as a reliable, efficient store to anybody.

It will be very interesting to see if this email prompts a very belated response from anybody at Homebase. A very disappointed customer, who feels that Homebase do not value or care about their customers at all.