For the past 9 years I have been doing my shopping at Lidln and Asda but recently started doing part of my shopping at Aldi because it is more convenient

Today I was insulted by the Manager for carrying the shopping in my shopping bag ,something I have done at Lidl all this time and never been questioned, not to mention that it is not the first time that I have done this at Aldi either

The reason is simple, I don’t carry any coins with me as I hate carrying anything in my bockets. In addition you do not offer your customers any baskets just like Lidl. So I have no choice but to put all the shopping in my bag and empty it at the counter.

I was then told that I was at the store at his invitation as though I should feel priviledged

The store does not eaven have the courtesy to have staff managing the check out counters. one has to ask if you want to be served which is an insult TO TAKING CUSTOMERS FOR GRANTED

The security gentleman suggested that I put my shopping in a basket which he got for me to transfer my shopping to.

I refused to continue spending any more of my time and money there and When I did go to the check out , the lady coud see all my shopping in the box and aske me to take it from the box and put it on the tray. What is so difficult about getting the groceries out of the box and scanning? No difference than if she was picking it up from the conveyor -belt

I WILL NEVER USE ALDI AGAIN, they don’t deserve my business

As for the invitation I don’t need one and refuse to accept one

I would not have minded if they checked my bag to make sure it was empty but not the way they handled

Good luck to you ALDI