Dear staff,

I am writing this letter as an analysis of the events of this week, its positive and negative elements but also on the effects of this week on an individual like myself.
Firstly, I greatly admire the effort, dedication and cunning tasks and activities that this business enterprise has been installed with. The organisation and time management has been professional and practical. I enjoyed the speakers i.e. business personas that came in and talked about the world of enterprise and business, I have learnt about the psychology and mind of an entrepreneur through this. I have also learnt greatly about the life situations, the methodology of entrepreneurship.
The idea at first was extremely appealing and ideas flung into my head straight away, however I feel that I would have worked well on my own or with a chosen set of individuals… in the real business world do an external authority assign you employees? Or do you pick the employees you want to work with? Also I feel that the whole enterprise was un-realistic i.e. it was just a game that had a minuscule relation to reality. The HQ awarded those who found a piece of paper; does luck on this level have any relation to business? You assigned our breaks and lunches; does every company and business have the same lunches and breaks? Or do they manage their own time? The later question is an obvious yes the former a no.
If this enterprise was more realistic and allowed more freedom in the way people work, then I think those great minded groups who show dedication and rigour thinking will shine. I assume that the HQ want to test and push students, by allowing more freedom you are increasing the difficulty level and testing their skills and thinking more accurately. Also I feel that this programme/ enterprise is un-challenging, I have done approximately 6 of these enterprises and they were extremely challenging which really motivated me and others to work. This aspect could greatly improve motivation for the students and improve the diversity of ideas and presentations.
I think that you may have made a mistake by making the activity compulsory, if you said; ‘you have to stay in school… but you can either take part in this or fulfil your intellectual curiosity’ would be more welcoming. Before this week I have been writing a paper on art, and I would have loved to have finished it this week but this enterprise has disrupted me. Also I feel you could have created science, English, maths or other enterprises which many would feel more beneficial and enjoyable.
I feel not deeply saddened but greatly confused about what the school wants out of its students, if I was left to my own ‘thing’ I could have learnt hundredfold more ‘things’ this week which relate to my ‘actual’ future. If everyone believed in money, materialism, ‘the public are our products’ then yes this enterprise would have been fulfilling.
The staff could then say to I, and to all who feel the same way as I do that maybe we have not tried hard enough. I have tried hard enough; I think it is fair to say that I was prepared and willing to win.
In summary then, congratulations on your valiant attempt at a business enterprise, it is on the whole a good idea and it could work with a few tweaks. Just consider that there are mature intellectual students who see through these money making schemes and see no moral, intellectual gains from them. Believe me I have been to a lot of these. Maybe then you can still keep this, but offer other choices and freedoms e.g. allow those to pursue fitness, pursue knowledge, and pursue educational desires. However I thank you for your time and effort.