I am writing to you about the appalling state of the bus shelters in our town. Without exception, they are filthy and smell dreadful. You may argue that the ones in the town centre are bad because people coming out of the pubs and clubs at night use them as toilets.That’s as maybe,but surely they need to be cleaned more often than they are. (No doubt the fact that you are shutting down most of the public toilets and selling the land off doesn’t help).When you are laden with heavy shopping bags you don’t feel you can put them on the floor, as goodness knows what’s on it. As for cleaning, although the ones in the centre of town are cleaned on the odd rare occasion, the ones which are elsewhere are cleaned even less.
You have removed the seats from some of the shelters, presumably because young people congregate in them at night.this is all very well, but what about the elderly and disabled who can’t have a seat while they are waiting for their bus?
There are even weeds growing in some of the shelters,and no, we don’t want you to use weedkiller, as this can be dangerous to dogs, just to pull them up would be quite an easy task.
We pay our council tax for these services, and feel they are not done properly. You can’t help but wonder if most of the people employed by the council drive cars and don’t travel on buses and that’s why they don’t care.