This is a public notice complaint to all smokers out there. To all smokers who deem it necessary to blow their smoke in my face. To all smokers who decide to light up their cigarette while I am right behind them, or in view of where the smoke pollution will reach.

Sometimes, I wish to go outside to my local park and take a breath of fresh air, you know, as you do… but I come back home a lot worse off! My lungs are filled with nicotine and tar, and who knows what other chemicals and lung blackener’s. I am quite young, but if you were to look at the health and colour of my lungs, you’d think I was an enlarged over-ripened raisin!

These two ‘raisins’ of mine – are very important to my health as well as to yours. I have said good bye to their youthful days of a healthy pink colour, pink as a pound of turkey they were until you blew your sly and sinister smoke my way.

You have indeed ruined my health by your expensive cancer-causing habit. I wish you would stop. Think of all the damage you’re doing to us homo-sapiens, not to mention the environment. What has come of our world today? It used to be that trees and plants would inhale carbon dioxide during the daytime and convert it into oxygen for us, but these days, they inhale nicotine, tar and a whole host of cancer causing chemicals known only to the industry that profits from you and blackens our supposed to be pink lungs.

Yours faithfully

Old Raisin Lungs