i would like to make a complaint about a manager in one of your Stores Loughton Essex my brother matthew doy went in to the store today about 6.30 he put a few bottles of spirits into his basket as its friday night hes having a drink up the next thing he knows a manager came up to him shoutin at him saying hes not gona pay for them and all that all the shoppers was looking he felt so small he put the basket down and walked out the manger came out behind him as he was walkin to his car saying im giving the reg to the police and all that , my brother is in shock hes never been in that store before and he is a business man with money in the bank so he wouldnt need to shoplift but he is very up set and he would like u to look into this asap he feels this is very upsetting and unfair and would like to no why he was treated in such a way so if u could please look in to this and email me with the out come thank you j, benstead , m, doy