i bought my partner a tesco mobile and had issues from day 1 the worst being they set up a monthly direct debit without me wanting or accepting the terms and conditions.i never signed anything to my knowledge of this.this put me overdrawn at bank my young daughter missed a school trip and i have for nearly a week now been trying to get the whys and wheres of it all with no reply.i keep getting the auto response saying we will contact you shortly.and then when i go into my bank and cancel the questioned dd i recieve an email saying we are sorry etc instantly.strange how they respond quickly when money stops going to there accounts but dont respond when questioned about why it was going there in the first place.i am now in god knows how much debt with bank running low on food etc.but still no response.i think i have sent them about 40 emails to no avail.i do hope i can get this sorted.