returned my lg veiwty as it was not streaming the internet and was still under warranty, it was sent away for repair was told will not take longer than 10 days it did and i was not even informed that my phone was back in store, after putting my sim back in phone the same problem was still there spent a further 45mins in store again whilst they tried to rectify the problem no joy, now told the phone has to be sent away and replaced, i was given no indication of what phone i will be getting as a replacement, and i am not allowed to choose within a certain price range…..i think the service and communication from o2 is very poor on this occasion, i am currently on hold as i write this to try and get info about what phone i will get, but i was abrubtly told its up to the engineer… been on the phone 27 mins now and im in work been on hold for 14 mins. i am now told that theres nothing i can do so frustated!!! they have told me to ring the store as its nothing to do with customer service, as it is up to them what phone i get, i went with cash and chose my phone now i am told i will get what im given what a joke….. i dont even want an lg if thats what happens with them…. the store now tell me they have no way of contacting the repair company, i will just get what im given the same spec phone….

i am leaving o2 after this as i think this is appauling, the shop havbe no dialogue with the repairs company or so they say and they say they are a separate entity which is diabollically communication………….rubbish.

very very very dissatisfied customer