Nigeria, Rivers State,
Bonny Island,
(RA)1,14 Benin Ave.

25th October,2010.
The Manager,
Alexis Boutiqe,
Rivers State.

Dear Mrs Johnson,
Reporting Disatisfaction
On the 22nd of October 2010, i bought some clothes from your boutique. I paid the specified amount of money I was expected to pay. When I got to my house, I attempted to wear the clothes, before I could even put it on I percieved an irritating smell from the clothes. I thought some
one had already worn the dress before. I later came to find out someone had already worn the cloth and the dress was not washed, but instead it was put back into the store.
I later decided to return the clothes and report the seller. Instead of
him to admit it was a mistake or he forgot they had been worn, he decided
to insult me.
This is why I’m writing this letter. I was so disatisfied. He insulted me
in the presence of so many people. You can just imagine how it was such a
big disgrace it was to me. I hope you do something about this unacceptable
and unhappy situation please.
Thank you very much.
Yours sincerely,
Grace Unah