WHEN I FIRST GOT SOLD SKY i was miss sold was told internet phone and tv would all be conected which wasnt true then a long phone call to urself to get it sorted which costs alot then i receved my internet which still doesnt work off wireless and that lead to yet another high phone bill to be left with wireless still not working. then i decided to get my children sky in there room whitch i was told would cost me £60 to get installed which im not happy with as it cost me that the 1st time and all cables dish ect was already at this address and all he done was sit the box on a seat and plug it in the back of the box which i thot was rather expencive for £60 also when i was sold sky he took it upon himself to add hd on to my package which i didnt want and would of ended up with a 12 month contract if i hadnt phoned up to ask about moves i would never have knowing so can you please help as im not happy about paying another £60 after all the high phone bills and products still not working to standered . many thanks and i hope to get a reply off yourselfs