morning i mr mabrouk hammami form 2 Swainson house 96 hornsey
road london N7 7NJ

I Was Very Happy Sshopping At Argos Intill Know
I Have Purchase a Washing machine Model HEC1050S-Serial Number
CE0160E0600CP94T0161 ON 01/11/2009 At First it was Going Well
In Feb & March it Start going bad I Have got in touch with Service Some the Staff i have Spoken to wher Not Helpful Spend some time on the Phone passing me for one to other back to Squear one FInaly two weeks a go i Had a visite by the enginneer How Has Discribe the problem with the machine.the INNER DRUM DAMAGED 2 OUTER DRUM IS RIPPED APART3 THE BOTTOM WEIGHT HAS SMASHED OFF &HIT MOTOR &DRAIN PUMP WE Wher told the machine need to be replace .last week i had a phone call to say we have place a Order parts and it will take two weeks befor we came to Fix it ,I FOUND THIS IS NOT ACCEPTBAL FOR THE LAST SIX WEEKS I HAD TO GO TO THE LANDRET MY FLOOR WAS DAMAGED BY THE MACHINE FLOODING THIS IS NOT GOOD AT ALL ;JOB REF IS 84768120
Kinds regard
Mabrouk Hammami