Having just finished another gruelling day at work, I came home, made myself a brew, put the telly on, and sat down. Although this is always my favourite part of the day, its also my worst. Its the time that I think about why I have remained faithful to my employer for almost ten years, despite the awful working conditions and the certain type of ‘cliental’.
Just to clarify, I work as a manager in a well-known fast food restaurant. I have a university degree, but have never been successful in finding employment in my preferred field; instead I spend my days working with hormonal teenagers in a greasy environment and dealing with disgraceful customers.
In fact, it was only yesterday that one of my fellow managers was physically assaulted, and all because their burger had onion on it.
It baffles me when I see advertisements on the telly requesting donations for children in Africa who are dying, or families being devastated by the news of cancer among one of their own, and meanwhile, there are indecent and disgusting people let loose on our streets, verbally abusing, and unfortunately in the case of my colleague, physically abusing staff because their order was incorrect!
I have had food thrown back in my face, been covered in Coca-Cola and even sworn at, just because an order was wrong, or they weren’t happy with the price. Are these people for real? What type of society are we living in? There are innocent people dying all over the world, and these customers are almost having a heart attack because their fries are cold!
Now don’t get me wrong, I will always try to rectify any problems to the best of my ability, but we do live in a civilised society. There are ways to speak to people, and to deal with unfortunate situations.
But to be personally prosecuted for the price of a meal that is beyond my control is unbelievable, and down right unreasonable. Am I not a hardworking person? I have a family to support, and I don’t claim any benefits from the state to support me, because I believe that while I am still capable, I will look after myself, my family and my home. Yet why do people who work in the hospitality industry consistently get treated like scum? We could always quit and go on the dole, would that be better? Of course it wouldn’t, because who’d be there to take the sh*t off of these people?