to whom it may concern, im writing to say how disapointed and upset i was made to feel after i was in robert fitzharding in bedminster, i was being followed around the pub by a man i didnt no and was and approached by this man, i was with my family talking about arrangements for my nans funeral, i got up to leave as i was very worried, i got to the end of the road and the man had followed me, so being scared i ran back to wetherspoons, as i didnt no what else to do, i ask the manager to call the police as i wasnt going back outside alone, and by now i was very scared, the manager said no, but i will call u a taxi, which i thought was disgraceful, this man was not very nice, and the customers ask me if i was ok and i said no, another phoned me a taxi, i called the police as soon as i got home and told what had happened, and this morning i went back up to wetherspoons to see who the manager was, his name is richard morton, i thought that staff should be there to look after you, i felt very let down and scared. this man could of did anything to me, if not me then somebody else, i have been a regular user of the pub for many years, and just cant belive he did nothing to help me,