Dear fellow citizen,

We are a new campaign that aims to fight against the injustice of supermarket ID checks for buying alcohol and other “age restricted” products.

Challenge 25 has had a profound impact on our everyday lives. For most of the time, people can quietly forget about health and safety regulations, CCTV cameras, and smoking bans. However, it is now impossible for most people to go about their lives without seeing those offensive and insulting “UNDER 25?” notices on a daily basis. The whole thing has ruined our quality of life. Supermarkets used to be places where shoppers enjoyed going. They were friendly, welcoming places in which the staff wanted to provide you with a service. However, they are now authoritarian places where the nanny state is shoved right in your face, and those hideous notices have spoiled our once pleasant weekly shopping trip.

Young adults are made to feel like second class citizens, being asked to prove their age even when they are obviously over 18. Having to prove you are an adult turns you into a child, and differential treatment in the case of proof of age checks causes young adults to feel like children.

With your help, we can put an end to this.

Visit our website at If you want to make a difference, you can contact our supervisor at

We are involved in a range of activities including

– Pressuring governments and supermarkets to abandon the Challenge 25 policy.
– Organized protest marches.
– Supporting other organizations that champion our cause.

Volunteering would usually involve delivering and handing out leaflets. We are not asking for a donation. Our goal at this stage is to win hearts and minds. Please tell as many people as possible about our campaign.

Thanks in advance for your help.