To whom it may concern(If you even know this yourselves),

I am writing due to the complete incompetency of your customer service and company as a whole.
Npower I am pretty sure is a sly abbreviation of no power.
After being in my new property for two weeks-which is stressful enough although I must state an absolute breeze compared to the dealings that me and my partner have encountered with you in the last two weeks.
After spending a total of over 5 hours to yourselves on your fantastic ‘please do rape me of what you obviously seem to think is my never ending cash supply’ 0845 number, five RTI codes to ‘reset the meter’ to become new customers and wipe the previous tenants debt so we may have the privilege of electricity-none of which worked, and after the 3rd time of “what I’ll do is give you this code you just need to go to the shop and give them the key and this code” after explaining that the two previous attempts of this had not worked I positively wanted to brain you, and then the next two not doing the job either,being left 3 days during this two week facade with no electricity which twice ran in to the night-and with this being an ALL electric property meant no hot water, no heat and then obviously no tv and probably the most annoying of all at 8pm – no light,I think we reached the point of insanity. Now where it may be romantic in some instances to sit and eat by candle light with your partner, I do not consider these instances where we sat cold barely able to see each other on opposite ends of the sofa eating a takeaway due to the freezer defrosting one of them.
Your ‘customer service’ team are beyond appalling, they seem to love the phrase ‘I’m sorry there is nothing I can do’ but yet again giving me another code to walk to the shop with(which I had to wait an hour each time before I could even complete this this pointless task)
I was completely bewildered on two occasions, once where after explaining my situation the person asked me “have you got time to participate in a customer survey?” to which my reply was of what I think a relevant nature. “Are you shitting me??you leave me without electric for the third time,have spent more time in my new property running backwards and forwards to shops to retrieve codes that do not work than sorting things out,you now owe me £50, I have spent hours talking to your people on your 0845 number which is going to send my mobile bill through the roof and now you want me to help you by doing a survey which will cost ME more money???…..erm…no”
The other being every time at the end of the endless calls being asked “is there anything else I can help you with?” What a joke!! you couldn’t even help me with the problem I had which is what your company is actually for-to give me electric-how the hell would you help me with anything else??can you imagine if I had said yes?!..Actually I would rather not.
Now the problem may now be fixed-(after 2 weeks,5 codes,a horrendous phone bill,paying £50 for electric which didn’t work and 3 engineer visits where he was supposed to be according to you changing the meter,only to show up and say that wasn’t the case as the job hadn’t been raised with him and to put a whole £2 on my meter (how extremely generous of you!) to keep my ALL electric property running for another day until I had to start the whole process over again and when it did finally happen the engineer actually saying “Im gonna miss this place I feel like I know you” and us consequently asking him over for christmas dinner) my campaign against you is FAR from over.
I expect the refund of my £50 worth of non-usable electric, the cost of my horrendous phone bill, and some form of what better be decent compensation for the amount of upset, stress, time that we have gone through or believe me, I will make it my personal mission to ensure that all this is exposed in one holy fashion and you will indeed be ‘no power’ for real as you will not be supplying.

I do not look forward to your response as I am fed up with communicating with you but I EXPECT a response promptly.

-A cold, exhausted, soon-not-to-be customer.