Dear Sir/Madam we are writing to you to ask why you didn’t make any attempt to contact us earlier than you did .we do understand flight time do change but now we will not arrive until after midnight and as we are self catering we are unable to buy milk and water as l am Diabetic I need drinks and snacks to take my medication .Also as we have to vacate apartment 10 am and do not get picked up till 9-30 to 10pmwe asked staff if we could stay in room nothing we can do you will have to work that with the owner on arrival there is no email address for apartments we were given no help at all .we said to Claire we were not blaming her for the changes but we would not travel Thomas Cook again her reply was well there is plenty other operators to choose from — Thompson. Jet-2.Easy-Jet ext we are not a young couple or old but the prospect of having to worry about hanging around for 10 hours with no where to wash or rest is apparently very upsetting.