My complaint is simple. I needed a gym (York Heritage G102 Multi gym order: 35537822) delivered to my flat on the 3rd floor of a lift-less building and I needed to be called to organise a day, so I could be available.
Having never used Tesco before I thought it would a good idea before purchasing to call and confirm if they could meet my delivery requirements.
I imagined that would be enough, my gran used to tell me you can never be too careful.

Tesco assured me that there would be no problem and that when I got to the order page I would be able to specify my requirements.
Great, onwards to my gym.

I made the plunge and ordered it. When I got to the delivery specification page I discovered a 50 character long field to specify delivery instructions. Bit short but never mind years of acclimatising to txt messaging leaves me more than up to the task. What do I type ‘Flat H, 3rd floor, no lift, call to set day’.

Being a realistic lad though, and mindful of my gran whispering in my ear, I think perhaps just to be sure I should call Tesco to check that all will be well. Which I duly do, hoorah! They expect no problem and I await eagerly the call to deliver my gym.

4 days later imagine my surprise to arrive home and on the ground floor of my building find my gym, no call and a very very far away from the 3rd floor.
Let me tell you a secret….gyms when flat packed into a single box are quite heavy and reasonably unwieldy. Never mind I am persistent man and job got done, although I cursed a bit, sorry gran.

You can expect that I called Tesco and had a word with them about their failure to deliver on their promise, failure to collect a suitable signature and failure to call me to organise delivery. I have been have assured though that Tesco has no responsibility and that it is the responsibility of the third party provider or courier company but certainly not Tesco’s responsibility.

Interestingly, after I lost my marbles, the Tesco representative asked what I expected from them. To be honest I have no idea, perhaps responsibility or maybe an apology but certainly not indignation that I should even think to complain.

I have asked Tesco to remove me from their database and have withdrawn any permission to hold any of my data, which they have agreed to. What a load of twaddle, they couldn’t delete me from their database if the Messaih came again. Still and all when I get a call or email from them offering some multicoloured pants I will at least have the satisfaction of losing my marbles all over again.

Don’t shop with Tesco, they think are a bank and are too big to be concerned with the little people.

I wonder what Occado is like? I hear great things about them, I think I shall give them a try.

Rest assured I will be making a meal of this experience for as long as I can keep peoples attention.

(My only wish is that I thought to check the blogs first)