Dear sir or madam my complaint is regarding where I walked into a Wetherspoons pub in Palmers Green to have a drink we’re one of the workers came up to me his name was cameron Mc mahon I believe said to me I was not allowed to drink in here I am band so I replied what am I banned for he said that I was drinking vodka outside the pub and I was caught on CCTV camera I replied I don’t drink vodka I am not sure why you are picking on me he said one of his managers saw me on the camera drinking vodka it was so embarrassing the way that he talk to me so I said to him are you lying oh don’t you like people like me in your pub yes I am a black man but if you don’t want people in your pub who are black isn’t it best to put a sign up saying no black people allowed then trying to discredit me in front of other people is that the excuse they can only use to discredit people like me this is the 20th century .. the allegations against me is totally false if there are any good people out there who work for this industry the footage on the CCTV camera should show it I know it’s not me so can somebody prove it if not I have to take it higher than this because it’s not right for people like me of colour to be discriminated against for the way I look but like I said I need to take it further your sincerely Vernon John