Lydia Sookias
92 Tintern Avenue
29TH Sep 2008

Dear sir

With reference our conversation regarding the retuning the 160 GB hard drive. As we discussed the hard drive when we tried to install it the laptop did not recognise the new hard ware.

I have checked “The Sales of Goods Act” 1979, 1987, 1993, 2003 and the DTi for traders 2005 and your own Returns Policy which states “goods may be retuned within 14 days which would not affect my statutory rights.

I have now rejected this product and I now demand my monies back in full as I am entitled to. I have spoken to Consumer advice and protection group and they advise as I am within your 14 days policy the product does not need to go for diagnostic testing I just require money back. The sales of good Act, 1979, 1987, 1993 & 2003 does not state that a product needs to be sent for testing, be for money may be refunded.

They have also passed this complaint to Trading standards. Who will be monitoring this matte.

If this matter is not resolved to my satisfaction I will see you in court.
I am very surprised in this day and age with regards the credit crunch your customer service is lacking in service.

I will give you seven days to respond to this letter and then I will be taking this further.

I Look forward to your early reply and a swift conclusion to this matter.

Yours faithfully

Lydia Sookias