we went to your establishment in ryde isle of wight, saturday 4th of june for a meal.it was packed out,we got a table but only one chair, we did find another chair for me to sit on,we waited ages for our meal,and it was,nt very nice either when we got it, when i came to get up i was stuck to the chair, it was filthy, dirty, stained with all sorts and sticky with chewing gum, or something, my new trousers i had on are totally ruined, it,s disgusting a firm like weatherspoons, would supply such a disgracefull filthy chair, for a customer to sit on,i did complain,but it just fell on deaf ears, and i got nowhere, hence my letter to you, my new trousers just cost me £40 from marks and spencers, and i would like you to refund me tthe cost of them, because they are ruined, and i definately cannot wear them again, yours faithfully, michael walsh. mikewalsh61@hotmail.com