On 14th June i booked a FIRST CLASS one way ticket for my mother to travel from Glasgow Central to Warrington Bank Quay, travel time 10am. i asked for the tickets to be posted to my mother in glasgow as i live in North Wales. When the tickets arrived at my mothers address they were not 1st class tickets but standard, i called virgin and had the tickets changed after a supervisor called me re this problem he refunded me the standard ticket and i booked another ticket which was `st class for the same day but different time.

As i was concerned about time running out for her journey to me in north wales, the person i spoke to at virgin trains when i booked this `st class ticket said my mother could pick the tickets up at central station in glasgow.

Today i mother travelled into the station in glasgow by bus and was told that there was no way she could pick up the tickets at the window if she did not have my debit card with her. Why on earth would anyone think that she would have my debit card with her.

When i called virgin again today asking them to post the tickets to my mother, they said that they cannot post the tickets as it has to be approved by a supervisor and this could take another 72 hours by which time her train would have left glasgow central without her.

My only option now is to cancel all tickets and travell 500 miles to collect my elderly mother this is totally unacceptble when all it would have taken was for virgin to put tickets in the post. This was TWO mistakes by virgin trains operators for the simple task of booking one single train journey.