Dear Councillor Birch
Cc. Editor, Hastings Observer

Re. The Big Conversation on Spending Cuts, Autumn 2010

Stop wasting our money by posting rubbish to us.

If you really must spend thousands of pounds to check whether people would rather see cut backs in the arts or policing then perhaps you need new staff? My four year old daughter could answer that for you. If there is a surplus in the Council budget that needs using up on such waste then we are paying too much into the coffers as I always suspected.

Also please explain why all, except one, of the proposed meeting dates to ‘Meet the Leaders’ are at times when working people cannot attend? Is this to prevent uncomfortable questioning from those of us who pay for this pen-pushing exercise? Please change these dates so that more of us can attend.

It is time the Council listened more and proved where our money is going instead of fobbing us off with biannual pie charts and wads of leaflets. The first port of call for spending cuts could be a reduction in Councillors’ expenses? Simple.

Yours sincerely

Shanie Craig
4 Becket Close
East Sussex
TN34 3UE