Enjoy a pleasant, luxery and moden environment, that is the place in my mind on old Tesco in CHELSEA. Today with shopping list in mind, with the usual way, I finished the task. Not the last person, but stopped by the stuff, she had no enough bags for my shopping.!! Spend too much this time. Next time, I will spend ecconomically.

I understood what the manager said and put three bags back on the till as they were too small for the shoppings. They were all small bags. The big bags are not there by their till.

The manager worked on Sunday said ‘Please leave the building’ after he accompanied me to the entrance. What a ‘good’ service it is!

I would say ‘thanks for shopping with us, Have a nice evenning!!’ Do anyone feel bad about this?? Happy!

So, 5 mins to the store closure, and that is what service they provide! I am not happy!!